iPad 5: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Apple’s iPad still dominates tablet sales with over 50% market share, followed by Amazon’s Kindle Fire with 33%, and Google’s Nexus 7 along with Samsung Tablets and Windows RT tablets taking the rest. Last year we saw a dramatic shift with Android tablets gaining high momentum over the iPad. Before we know it, unless Apple adds some dramatic changes to its tablet, the tablet landscape can be changed in 2013. Leaks started surfacing recently regarding the successor to last fall’s fourth generation iPad. Can these iterations appeal to new buyers and retain old ones? Here’s top 10 facts you need to know.

1. iPad 5 Will Look Like The ipad Mini


It’s rumored the ipad 5 will have a completely different design and will be a lot smaller. Jeremy Horowitz of iLounge is claiming he saw a physical model that’s “smaller in every dimension than its predecessors.” The screen will be around 9.7-inches, and the left and rear bezels will be removed around the screen. Sources are saying iPad 5 will look like the iPad mini.

2. iPad 5 Will Have The Same Retina Display


For those hoping for an even sharper, high-resolution display on the next iPad, don’t get your hopes too high. Sources are saying the retina display resolution won’t change too much.

3.iPad 5 Will Have More Storage
iPad 4 had 64 GB of maximum storage, which to some iPad users, doesn’t seem to be enough space for all of their apps, photos, videos, music, and books. 9to5mac says the fourth-generation iPad will offer a maximum 128 GB of storage.

4. The Price For iPad 5 Will Be More Expensive
Due to Apple increasing the storage capacity on the next iPad, most likely the price will increase. A WiFi-only 128 GB model may cost around $799, and an LTE version may cost around $929.

5. iPad 5 Will Have An Updated Rear-Facing Camera

ipad 5 new

If you thought people who take photos or videos with their iPads can get on your nerves, now you’ll have an even bigger reason to get annoyed. The iPad 5 rear-facing camera will be much larger, and might feature Sony’s 13 megapixel sensor. The iPad 5 camera will include an update for the flash.

6. iPad 5 Will Offer Packaged Deals For Educational Institutions
Good news for schools looking to further integrate iPads into its programs! Apple will be offering iPad 5 in 10-pack deals in both black and white for educational institutions. This is possibly the opportunity Apple has been looking for to increase the adaption rate of iPads in the classrooms.

7. iPad 5 Will Have Ultra-Thin IGZO Display


(Photo Credit: iphoneiosjailbreak.com)
Back in December of last year it was reported that Apple invested in the ultra-thin IGZO display, produced by Sharp. The next generation of iPad and iPhone will most likely have the IGZO display.

8. iPad 5 Will Be Thinner Than iPad 4


(Photo Credit: idownloadingblog.com)
One of the biggest complaints about the 3rd and 4th generation iPad was the increase of both size and weight. While the form factor of the iPad 2 became a game changer due to how thin it was, many argued that the additional thickness of the iPad 3 and 4 was a step back. According to various sources, the mock up of the iPad 5 shows that it will be 4mm shorter and 2mm thinner than the iPad 4.

9. Apple Will Improve The A6X Processor For iPad 5


(Photo Credit: uswitch.com) 
The fourth generation iPad included the A6X processor, which has a .1 GHz bump in performance over the A6 chip introduced with the iPhone 5. Since Apple gave the iPad 4 the new A6X processor, it is expected the iPad 5 will contain a new and improved version of the A6X chip.

10. The iPad 5 Will Be Released This Spring


(Photo Credit: iphoneros.com)
The fifth-generation iPad codename is “J72”, and rumors are swarming around a March 2013 release date. However, since March appears to be too soon after the release of iPad 4, we wouldn’t be surprised if it got pushed back until the 2013 fall quarter.

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