New Updates For iOS Facebook App Include Voice Mail and Video Sharing

Today, Facebook launched a new update to its iOS app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Users. Included in this update are 3 new features:


Voice Mail Service: Earlier this month we announced that Facebook was adding voicemail to its messenger service. It’s no surprise to see that Facebook added it to the main Facebook app. In order to use the voicemail service, all you have to do is create a new message. On the bottom left-hand corner you will see a [+]. Press that button and press “record voice.” Once you hit “record voice” you will see a record button. You will need to push to start recording and release it when you’re done. When you are all finished just hit done and it will be automatically sent to the friend you’re trying to send the voicemail too.

Video Sharing: Since Facebook couldn’t snag Vine, they created their own video service where users can record and share videos. Previously, users can upload video from their camera roll, but now users can shoot video from directly in the app. Will this become the new porn sharing app?



Places Nearby: Facebook couldn’t come up with any original location-based updates, so they decided to add a “Nearby Tab.” The “Nearby Tab” allows you quickly search for key places in your surrounding areas. Seems like Facebook is trying to compete directly with Foursquare’s “Explore” feature.

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