Vibease Gives Your Woman The Big “O” When You’re Not Around

Whether you travel a lot, in a long distant relationship, or need help spicing up your sex life by getting your woman off, we’ve come across the right app that will help save your sex life.

We’d like to introduce to you Vibease, a vibrator, that can be controlled by your partner’s mobile device. To tickle your partners fancy all you have to do is grant them permission through the app which will then give them control on how they use the massager.

You can use Vibease while your at home, in the office or miles away. With VIbease, you can create your own vibrations and select sounds to fit your partner’s mood.

If you’re into dirty talk, you can chat with your partner, share photos, and you can take it to another level by using video chat. The app can also used for solo intimate time.

Dema Tio, co-founder of Vibease, says he came up with the idea when his wife was in Singapore and he was visiting Boston. Even when they used Skype, he said they missed their intimate moments.

Tio says, “I couldn’t find anything that was easy to use and not invasive, so I decided to design something myself. My wife found it exciting and at the same time, hilarious, he added. At first it was just a pet project, but I realized there are many couples out there are looking for this solution.”

In order for the VIbease app to work you need to purchase Vibease, which is the vibrator for $79.99. The app is currently only available for Android users. Once its available for iOS users we’ll let you know.

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