Worst Products Seen At CES 2013


It’s been a week since the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show has graced us with what to look forward to in the world of electronics and technology. We’ve seen amazing products like the five-inch HD phones to new portable gaming systems. We’ve also seen some pretty terrible products. Here’s our list of the worst products seen at CES 2013.


GameCube: You won’t be playing Super Smash Bros. Melee on this GameCube. Intellect Motion’s peculiar product, GameCube, is a tall standing harness that allows you to create motion-controlled moves in your games by holding onto straps. Having GameCube in your living room not only seems it would take up way too much space, but it appears too physical and frustrating for hardcore gamers.  Think of the Kinect on crack. Playing video games is supposed to be fun and relaxing, not work. The GameCube also resembles three stripper poles holding up a sex swing. Maybe Intellect Motion should start making sex toys.

USB Fork: If there’s one thing we all have in common for the new year as a resolution its to lose weight, but one thing we don’t need is a fork telling us how many calories we’re eating, while we’re eating. When the USB Fork thinks you’ve gone over your calories, it vibrates in your mouth. Basically the fork says, “Hey you! Stop eating fat ass!”

Sony’s 56-inch 4K OLED TV: While trying to boast about how “dazzling,” Sony’s 56-inch 4K OLED TV is, Sony’s CEO Kazuo Hirari, didn’t realize while he was giving his speech, the system had a glitch, nothing was showing but a blue screen. His reaction? Priceless!

iPotty: The iPotty was originally designed with the idea in mind to be a potty-training tool. Now the iPotty comes with an iPad featuring educational apps.  Kids are pretty smart these days so I wouldn’t be surprised if kids started using the iPad to play Angry Birds while they took a crap. Maybe butters had the right idea.


BlueTooth ToothBrush: As if having a USB Fork wasn’t bad enough, Beam Technologies, came out with a $50 BlueTooth Toothbrush that tells you how long you’ve been brushing your teeth, and it also lets you know when you should be done. According to the American Dental Association, it should take two minutes to brush our teeth, but we definitely don’t need a toothbrush to tell us that. You might be better off spending your money on a toothbrush that actually cleans your teeth better


Virtual Wireless Keyboard: Laser virtual keyboards were introduced as a proof of concept for phones and tablets a couple years ago, but now they’re hitting the market, and they’re bad. Not only do they not feel natural, but they’re not accurate. With the default keyboard on your phone or tablet, along with the hundreds of keyboard accessories available, there really is no reason to lug around a device that projects a virtual keyboard that doesn’t work unless you want to impress your sci-fi friends.


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