Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Greatest Tweets From Space

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Chris Hadfield demonstrates the effect of weightlessness on liquids (Via @Cmdr_Hadfield/Twitter)

The most entertaining man in space right now is undoubtedly Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut presently aboard the International Space Station.

Currently a flight engineer on expedition 34, Hadfield’s slated to become commander of expedition 35 when the current crew departs from the ISS in March.

Along with his incredibly challenging work as an astronaut, Hadfield has earned a reputation as the most social media savvy man to ever orbit earth.

When he’s not participating in IAmAs on reddit or snapping pics of the earth below, he’s recording music or interacting with his nearly 450,000 Twitter followers.

Here’s a collection of some of his best tweets.

Hadfield’s most fascinating Tweets tend to be shots of the earth below, taken from various points around the globe.

He’s also known for some awesome selfies, and he rarely passes up an opportunity to snap his mustachioed mug aboard the ISS.

Even astronauts have to do regular, earthling-type things too, like eat, drink, work out and strum acoustic guitars.

Never forgetting his fans back home, Hadfield regularly Tweets educational dispatches about life in orbit.

Of course it isn’t all just floating aimlessly, entertaining those of us below, sometimes he gets down to the real work of being an astronaut.

And through it all, he shows us how not to take ourselves, or our jobs, too seriously.

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