Google Chromebook Pixel: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know


Earlier in February, a promo video for a mysterious Google Chromebook Pixel laptop slipped through the hands of Google and leaked onto the internet. Google quickly made sure that the video be taken offline, but rumors started to spread about this new Chromebook that apparently has a touchscreen display with a resolution that exceeds the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina. This morning, Google finally officially announced their new premium Chromebook for $1300 which will be released later this year. Although this is being touted as a “premium” device, can the high price be justified by what lies under the hood? Chromebooks were initially developed to be a cheaper alternative to more expensive laptops. Here’s 5 fast facts you need to know.



1. The Chromebook Pixel is a high-end device
Over the last few weeks, rumors have been spreading that Google was getting ready to launch a new high-end Chromebook. Google held a press conference this morning in San Francisco where they unveiled their latest device, the Chromebook Pixel, a new “premium” Chromebook for cloud users.


2. The Chromebook Pixel has a higher resolution than the Macbook Pro with Retina Google hasn’t done enough to make Apple nervous, the new Chromebook Pixel should really have Apple shaking in their boots. The Chromebook’s Pixel’s 13-inch screen packs a walloping 2560×1700 resolution, giving it a slight advantage over Apple’s 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina’s 2560×1600.


3. Google will release two versions of the Chromebook Pixel
Google will release two models of the Chromeboox Pixel. The Chromebook Pixel will come in a 32GB and 64GB version. The 32GB will be Wi-Fi only, while the 64GB will be an LTE model. The Wi-Fi version will be sold in stores for $1,299 in the U.S. and in the U.K. LTE version will cost $1,449. The wireless version will be going on sale in April.


4. The Chromebook Pixel has a premium touchscreen


Google Chromebook Pixel screen features touch-screen Gorilla Glass. Google says, ” this screen “gives you smooth interactions while preserving picture clarity”


5. A third microphone was added to cancel out background noise
Google added a third microphone that will not only cancel out the noise you make when typing, but it will also cancel out background noise.

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