Microsoft Launches Valentines Day Scroogled Video

Outlook – Valentine's DayLearn more at scroogled.com2013-02-14T17:39:41.000Z

As if you need another ad to watch, Microsoft recently launched a new video just in time for Valentines Day. The video shows a “Gmail Mail Man” opening other people’s mail, reading them, and also slipping in some coupons. Stefan Weitz, Director of Online Services, says, Microsoft wants people to pay close attention to its products like Bing and Weitz said in an interview, “Google is a habit.” He doesn’t seem very pleased with his girlfriend since she uses Google. Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. Microsoft launched the Anti-Google Campaign last week, hoping they can get people to pay closer attention to privacy and how Google reads everyones content to deliver ads. I’m not sure if this video will get everyone to stop and think about privacy, but at least Microsoft is making an effort for change.

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