PS4 Meeting Feb 20: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sony Playstation Feb-20th-event

Will Sony announce the successor to the Playstation this month? Sony sent invitations to the press for its upcoming meeting on February 20 in New York. Many are speculating the reveal of the much-anticipated Playstation 4. It’s been almost seven years since the company launched the Playstation 3, sustaining the longest console generation cycle in the franchise’s history. It’s known that financially, the company has been struggling due to a significant reduction of sales in other divisions, such as television. Can a new Playstation be what the company needs to get back in the black? Here are five facts you need to know about the announcement.


1. Sony will be hosting Playstation’s first meeting in over two years. The meeting will be held in New York City on February 20. Sony’s last event held for Playstation was back in January 2011, where the company showed a prototype of its Vita console.


2. Along with the invitation sent out to the press was a short video clip that shows the different shapes of the Playstation.


3. Sources are saying PS4 will feature an eight-core AMD 64 CPU and AMD R10XX. Keep in mind that specs haven’t been officially announced yet, but in the meantime feel free to get stoked!



4. There were rumors back in November of 2012 that a PS4 dev kit was issued to developers. The pack included an AMD A10 APU, 8Gb and 16GB of RAM, Blue-Ray drive, and 256 GB of stroage.


5. According to WSJ, Sony will definitely unveil the PS4 on February 20, 2013. As for a release date, we don’t have one, but we’re sure it will be released sometime in 2013.

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