Social Networking Dating App: What is Lulu Saying About You?

(Photo Credit: LuLu)

If you don’t have a sense of humor, know how to keep it hot in the bedroom, or know how to commit to a relationship, you will be crucified on LuLu. Even if you’re a head-turner with a killer bod, you should start to worry about the new social networking dating app created by Alexandra Chong.

The LuLu app will allow any of your girlfriends on your Facebook friends list to rate you. LuLu app is a survey and database that is restricted to straight women-only. To get started, all any of your girlfriends really have to do is log-in through Facebook, indicate if they’re dating you, if you’re an ex, a co-worker, a brother (now that’s just gross!), someone they’ve hooked up with, or just a friend. As soon as they’re done filling out that information, they can start rating you on a score from 1-10 in the following areas: ambition, appearance, commitment, humor, first kiss, and how you are in the bedroom.


Reviewers can keep their photo and name anonymous. However, the face and name of the men are shown. Descriptions of men with hashtags such as #gonebymorning and #momonspeeddial are available in the drop-down menu for survey answers. The answers become part of a public database for women in the Lulu app network. Men can view their evaluations, but cannot alter the reviews written about them.

If you receive any negative comments on your love-making or kissing skills, it can shut the door on any other dating opportunities.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Chong said, the app is “a place you can talk about the good and the bad. Should a guy not do well in a particular category, they can change their behavior.”

If you want to see your profile you can download LuLu dude. LuLu is available for iPhone and Android.