Sony PS4 Announcement 2013 Live-Stream Coverage

The 2013 Sony Playstation Meeting on Wednesday in New York City carried intense anticipation surrounding Sony’s unveiling of the Playstation 4.

Did the presentation deliver or disappoint? Watch the replay of the live stream below, and check out our live-blog coverage.

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5:55 PM – We’re just a few minutes away from Sony’s press conference starting. The event will begin at 6pm.

6:00 PM – The conference is starting!! Sony is playing a video saying they “want to win”. The video showed the history of PlayStation game consoles.


6:03 PM –  Andrew House is now on stage, House says, “Today is a moment of truth!” He is talking about unlocking PlayStation Vita’s potential and how the next generation gamer wants to play.”Demands for a new platform were clear.”

6:11 PM– We’re going to see a glimpse into Play. Accessing content will be a lot easier. Personalized gaming experience for gamers. We’re going to see what the PlayStation 4 is capable of!

6:11 PM– House introduces Mark Cerny on stage. They shake hands. The new PS4 is made by game developers FOR game developers.  Sounds like the original Xbox pitch.

6:16 PM – x86 architecture, enhanced GPU, 8GB memory.


6:18 PM – Showed Environmental Tech Demo. Looks impressive. 


6:20 PM – Demo of a new title Cerny is directing. His game is called Knack.

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6:24 PM – Cerny says you can just hit the power button and you’ll be back to playing your game in the spot you left off.  You can also update games in the background. Digital Titles are playable even when they’re downloading, in which they download in the background.

6:26 PM – If your friend is in trouble you can now jump in their game and save them.


6:30 PM – Dave Perry is introduced, CEO of Gaikai, the company Sony acquired last year.

6:32 PM – Integration with Facebook and Ustream.

6:35 PM – Spectating is a new feature. There will be a share button on the controller. You can stream your games to all of your friends. They can even add comments to your screen. PSN friends can even control the game for you. This new integration is compatible with PS4 & PSVita.

6:38 PM – Remote Play allows you to stream your game from the PS4 directly to your PS Vita. Sounds kind of like the WiiU feature.

6:40 PM – Working with Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc to add them to these new streaming services.

6:41 PM – Gaikai will allow gamers to play streamed PS Could games including PS 1, PS 2, and PS 3 games via streaming. Think OnLive, but better.

6:42 PM – They’re playing a promo video for the PS4. Game makers like Tim Schafer are raving about the new PS4 technology. The whole concept is about “immediacy.” A new way of playing via streaming playable games.


6:45 PM – Michael Denny from World Wide Studios is introduced. Finally some games!!!






6:48 PM – Killzone Shadowfall, a new game from Guerilla Games. Very colorful. Graphics look pretty insane. Hopefully the controls feel more natural compared to the other Killzone games. Sadly, the field of vision is lower, similar to the past Killzone games. Looks like the player is still a midget.

6:55 PM: Very very pretty. Is this entire game on-rails?

6:57 PM – Drive Club by evolution games. A game they always wanted to make. The name was trademarked 9 years ago.



6:58 PM – Play in real “Drive Clubs.” Similar to squad-based 1st person shooters. You can pick a time, any season, day of the year, and set challenges in thousand player games.


6:59 PM – The game really looks better than Gran Turismo. Apparently the entire game is in first-person. The material looks very realistic. But how is the gameplay? As good as the suede’s fiber direction?

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7:03 PM – Lots of good looking camera angles.


7:04 PM – Nate Fox from Sucker Punch is on stage. Our freedom is on the line in the name of security.

7:07 PM – A new exclusive game is introduced.

7:08 PM – A NEW INFAMOUS GAME!!! It’s called Second Son.


7:09 PM – Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid is on stage to introduce a new exclusive game called The Witness. It’s been in development for 3 years.

7:09 PM – Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid is on stage to introduce a new exclusive game called The Witness. It’s been in development for 3 years. Apparently, it’s open world puzzle game but the game is as “compact” as possible. There’s always different teams close to your player.



7:12 PM – A new trailer is shown, lots of lute. Gimme da lute! Definitely very puzzle-y. Can this be as good as Braid?


7:15PM – David Cage is on stage. More origami killer? JASON!


7:18 PM – The new game Beyond will use 30,000 polygons. Showing an old man with detailed wrinkles and white hair. Kind of like what he promised for Heavy Rain but didn’t deliver. Maybe Beyond will deliver this time.

7:20 PM – Alex Evans from Media Molecule is on stage. A new Little Big Planet?

7:22 PM – He said he can record our dreams! With the PS Move! WHAT!?!?!


7:23 PM – Someone is sculpting a 3D image using Move. Now you can “assemble your dream” by creating levels and characters quickly with Move.  Some people are controlling 3D puppets using the move. It’s not a game. Have no clue what it is.



7:27 PM – Yoshiori Ono from Capcom is on stage, and he said there’s no Street Fighter today.

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7:30 PM – A new engine is being developed specifically for PS4. Code named Panta Rhei.


7:32 PM – Okay, this is impressive. Looks photorealistic. A new medieval adventure game? These dragons look insane.

7:34 PM – The game is called Deep Down. It’s being developed in parallel with the Panta Rhei engine.

7:35 PM – Yoshihisa Hashimoto from Square Enix takes the stage. He’s not introducing a game, but rather a real-time tech demo.


7:36 PM – Looks like a generic Final Fantasy game, but it’s real time rather than a cutscene. Apparently this isn’t new.


7:42 PM – New FF game in development, wait for this year’s E3.

7:43 PM – Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot takes the stage.

7:46 PM – Watch Dogs! Smart cities are developed in the game. Everyone is connected.


7:48 PM – Kind of looks like a futuristic GTA.






7:53 PM – BLIZZARD IS IN THE HOUSE!!! NEW MMO? Chris Metzen takes the stage.


7:54 PM – Diablo 3? The most disappointing game of 2012? Kind of anticlimactic. 4 player co-op/split screen compatible. Unfortunately no demo or video. Disappointing.


7:57 PM – CEO of Activision Publishing Eric Hirshberg takes the stage.


7:59 PM – Bungie takes the stage (Jason Jones via video). MF’N DESTINY!!! A lot of us have been waiting for this.

8:00 PM – Graphics really do look fantastic.  The first Sony Bungie game!



8:03 PM – Destiny will be available for PS4 and PS3 with exclusive content.


8:03 PM – That’s it folks! No reveal of the actual PS4 hardware. No price! Nothing to see here! Time to go home!




Thanks everyone for joining our liveblog of the PS4 (sort of) reveal!

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