Teenage Tracker Lets Parents Spy on Kids Through Smartphone Cam

As if we weren’t already being watched enough, now oppressive parents can get in on the “big brother” fun too.

The Teenage Tracker app, out in May, will allow parents to spy on their unknowing children by accessing teens’ smartphone cameras and microphones.

From the official (terrifying) press release:

The Teenage Tracker allows parents’ phone to act like a receiver and child’s phone to work as a transmitter. Once a secure connection is established, parents can listen in to what is going on around child’s phone, and can access both frontal and back cameras. While this process is ongoing, he the child will not know that he/she is being monitored at a given time.

The Teenage Tracker is also equipped with Google Maps to provide real time information, such as the location of a child. As a result, parents will know the exact location of their child’s phone; and, as a result, the location of their child.

Notwithstanding the moral implications, the legal trials sure to come from the ready accessibility of this new technology are something to watch for.

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