Top 10 Essential Jailbreak Apps For Your iOS Device

With the release of the new iOS 6 jailbreak, new jailbreakers have been clamoring for jailbreak apps to download. Cydia, the jailbreak version of Apple’s App Store, offers an incredible amount of apps and tweaks to customize the iOS experience. The amount of apps, tweaks, and themes in Cydia may get overwhelming. For all of the newbie jailbreakers out there, here are the top 10 essential jailbreak apps for iOS.

1. AdBlocker [Free]


Many are already familiar with the AdBlock Plus extension for desktop browsers. Now you can block all of the annoying mobile ads that get in the way of great browsing on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This app also removes all of the ads found in free native apps. The newest version of AdBlocker even removes the annoying commercials found frequently before videos in the YouTube app.


2. Activator [Free]


Activator is one of the first apps users download once they jailbreak their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Activator allows users to launch apps and tweaks by assigning custom gestures. Are you tired of clicking the home button to close an app? Simply assign that function to gestures such as tapping the status bar twice or swiping down. Many other jailbroken apps take advantage of Activator’s features, so it’s a good bet that you’ll end up getting this app.


3. Winterboard [Free]


The basic design of the iOS interface has remained relatively unchanged since the launch of the first iPhone of 2007. With Winterboard, you’ll be able to install all of the themes downloaded from Cydia, giving your iOS device its much-needed facelift.


4. MyWi 6 [$19.99/$4.99/Free Trial]


With MyWi, users are able to turn their iPhone or 3G/LTE iPad into a mobile hotspot. With this app, you’ll be able to connect devices such as your laptop, iPod Touch or WiFi tablet to your 3G or 4G iOS device to take advantage of its internet connection. Even better yet, if you’re staying at a Hotel or you’re in an airport and are paying for a single internet connection, you can use MyWi to give all of your other devices internet access.


5. BiteSMS [Free]


BiteSMS is a great alternative to the built-in iOS Messages app. This app offers “quick reply”, where you’ll be able to quickly respond to messages without leaving the app you are currently in.


6. Zephyr [ $2.99]

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Zephyr is a great multitasking tweak that enables you to switch apps with the most natural gestures. You can access your app list by swiping up from the bottom of your phone, or switch apps by swiping from the right or left edges of the screen.


7. Dreamboard [Free]


Perhaps skinning with Winterboard isn’t enough. Do you yearn for a complete overhaul of the iOS user interface? With Dreamboard, you’ll be able create a completely new experience to iOS. You can download Dreamboard themes from Cydia that will make your iPhone mimic the look and feel of HTC Sense, Android, or even Windows Phone 8.


8. SBSettings [Free]


Tired of always launching your Settings app just to toggle the simplest of settings? SBSettings allows users to toggle essential settings such as brightness, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS Location, and more simply by swiping the status bar from left to right.


9. MapsOpener [Free]

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This simple, yet incredibly useful tweak allows users to open maps links in Google Maps rather than Apple Maps. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop Siri from opening directions in Apple Maps.


10. PkgBackup [$9.99]


$10 may seem like a steep price for an app, but if you’re one of those people that have spent hours and hours tweaking and customizing your jailbroken phone, you might want to look into this. If there’s ever a time you’ll have to restore your phone, or even get a new phone, you can simply restore your jailbroken apps and tweaks using PkgBackup. You can schedule when to backup your files, and now there’s even an integration with DropBox so you can save your backups safely in the cloud.

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