Combine Photos With Your Voice For Unique Status Updates



Dubbler,  a new app found on the Google Play Store, will allow you to record your voice for up to 60 seconds and then share it to Facebook, Instagram, and the Dubbler Community. The app was created by Appsurdity, Inc, a start-up in the Bay Area. The Dubbler app offers you more features and capabilities than what apps like Snapchat, Kik and Tango bring to the table. For example, With Dubbler, you can transform your voice by using sound and photo filters. You can also capture moments and record your opinions in a way that texting and typing cannot.

The Dubbler app includes a Dubbler Community, where you can socially network with others to share opinions with friends and followers. Cool Dubs, which are new sounds and voices created, and found nowhere else, can now be used to bring photographs and drawings to life. What better and fun way to bring your Flickr and Instagram accounts to life than by matching voices to the pictures or faces and adding a filter to the voice to make it funny or simply tell a story? Dubbler now gives you that edge.

Dubbler’s ability to bring simplicity and fun of audio to the social Web is probably what makes it stand out. Record your voice, filter it and include a photo before sharing this collage with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or within Dubbler. Go beyond just recording your voice and sing a song, send news, comments and musical sketches with your personality. Capture moments and emotions in audio for up to 60 seconds. Color your ideas and thoughts with your own voice and share them with the world. If you don’t feel comfortable or confident about your voice, just add a filter to sound like a cat or a robot before sharing.

The ability to make still photos come alive with an audio element and text descriptions will change content sharing forever with Dubbler. For example, wouldn’t it be great to recognize your friends by hearing their name instead of imagining how they would sound? Better yet, how about bringing a sunset still photo to life with the sound of the one who took the still and hearing his or her emotions at the time of the shoot?

Admittedly, not every feeling or moment of inspiration can be captured with a photo alone. By adding an audio element, you now get to capture the overall ‘picture’ and share it with friends, ensuring that no flash of creativity or feeling is lost by being limited to the visual element.

If you’re looking to communicate your whole personality through a piece of art or photography, or if you like, invent a character, just fire up Dubbler and be heard!

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