Google’s I/O Website is Full of Google Easter Eggs

Google announced its next I/O conference, which will be held in San Francisco, CA from May 15-17th. Google is hyping up the event with some cool and endless Easter eggs. Ahead of the event registration from March 13th, you will be greeted with an interactive logo that returns some amusing results with anything ranging from games and music to the all familiar cat pictures once you land on the I/O events page.

It may take some time before you can manage to turn up something cool, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself sinking into it a little longer than you anticipated. An indicator at the bottom of the page flashes with the codes combination as you click away.



The Google I/O event is an annual developer conference where Google showcases its latest products and technologies that include Android, Google Chrome, Google+, its App engines and Google cloud platform products and more.

Google has used the I/O event to introduce such products as the Nexus 7 tablet and Google Glasses and we can be sure that the Google I/O 2013 conference will be no different.

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