Info Leaks About Google Shopping Express


Google has finally started to test out its Google Shopping Express service, a competitor to such services like Postmates’ “Get It Now”, Amazon Prime and eBay Now. Reportedly, Googlers are getting a first hand on the product for free when they sign up for membership, which costs everyone else $4.99. However, Google is constantly reviewing this pricing.

The service has been seen as a way for Google to capitalize on its recent acquisitions of both BufferBox and Channel Intelligence to dominate the online-to-offline retail market. Google already has the advantage in the space from the fact that its one of the places people visit when looking for a product.

At the moment, there are about eight stores in the Bay Area serving as Google Shopping Express partners. Some of the stores on the list include Target, Babies”R”Us and Nob Hill Foods.

Google Shopping Express is still under testing and is open to every Googler in the Bay Area including temps, vendors and contractors for up to one year. Non-members looking to save themselves a trip to the store pay $4.99 per delivery per store.

The email below was sent to TechCrunch about Google Shopping Express.


As you may have seen, there was a leak last night about Google Shopping Express, including several very specific product details. Our PR team is working to quiet this down, but we need your help — please don’t add fuel to the fire by discussing or even confirming Google Shopping Express. If you are contacted by a member of the press, please follow normal procedures and refer them to

But wait, you asked me to ship to my home to help you test … so what about spouses and roommates? We trust your judgement. If your roommate writes a tech blog or works for a company in this space, please don’t ship it home. But if you feel it’s safe, then by all means, we still really need your help dogfooding this.

Get free same day delivery with Google Shopping Express

After weeks of testing, we’re now excited to open Google Shopping Express to every Googler in the bay area including temps, vendors and contractors.

Save yourself a trip to the store and stock up at places like Target, Nob Hill Foods, Babies “R” Us and more. Googlers who sign up early for a free membership will receive free same day delivery for one year! Non-members pay $4.99 per delivery per store.

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