iPhone 5S and iPad 5 to Be Released In June 2013: Report

According to a report from Gizmorati, the iPhone 5S and iPad 5 will be released in a special event on June 29, 2013.

According to a Gizmorati source inside Apple and confirmed by another source, Apple will release both the sequel to the iPhone 5 and the newest iPad refresh at an event called “Original Passion, New Ideas.”

The purpose of the event is to celebrate the launch of the original iPhone, which was held on June 29, 2007, and hosted by revolutionary Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

According to Businessweek, the iPhone 5S and iPad 5 will be the first products developed entirely under Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO. The iPhone 5 received Steve Jobs’ blessing before Apple pushed it out to production.

Apple has been suffering from a falling stock price, but it seems like these iPhone 5S and iPad 5 rumors could help the slumping company. Earlier today, Business Insider published an article that showed Apple’s stock price moved past its 50-day moving average, which indicates that the folks on Wall Street may be a little more bullish on Apple than they were before. Will this news — the first concrete date for the iPhone 5S and iPad 5 — lead to a bigger jump in Apple’s stock price?

Interestingly as well, it seems like this event will be dedicated to Apple’s famed co-founder Steve Jobs. Jobs passed away in October 2011, but as we mentioned before, the iPhone 5S and iPad 5 will be the first products under Tim Cook. Cook and Jobs were very close, and Jobs had a profound impact on not only Cook but the entire company as well. Commemorating the sixth anniversary of Jobs’ most iconic and groundbreaking products is a nice touch to a company that has been looking for some direction with the passing of Jobs.

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