iPhone 5S Release Date: Experts and Analysts Disagree Over New iPhone Release


According to Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, Apple is getting reading to release the iPhone 5S in late June. Munster also believes Apple could sell well over 4 million units of the new iPhone. During the first weekend that Apple released the iPhone it sold 5 million, that beats sales for the iPhone 4S by 1 million units.

However, other analysts disagree with the timeline proposed by Gene Munster.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek says he’s hearing rumors that Apple might not even release the iPhone 5s until July-September. Most reports say we should expect Apple to release the iPhone 5s by August.

The new iPhone 5S should feature a better camera, faster processor, and there’s a slight chance that the new iPhone 5S could come with a fingerprint sensor and NFC technology.

Munster said in an investors note released today, “We believe investors have wondered if Apple can put out new and innovating products without Steve Jobs. We believe that ultimately, if Apple is viewed as a company that can innovate, the multiple will improve.”

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