Leaked: Google Now For iOS Promo Video

Google Now for iOS video

An alleged promotional video of an unreleased Google Search with Google Now for iOS was posted on YouTube today and was quickly pulled down. Up to now, Google Now has been exclusive to Android Jelly Bean devices. With Google Now, users can be given information before they even search for it, or even think to find it. Google Now uses all of the data in Android devices to know what kind of information to present to you. Kind of creepy, right? Well, it appears that creepiness might soon be available to iOS users as well.

Luckily, the folks at Engadget were able to snag and mirror the video before it was pulled from YouTube. The site claims that the same voice actress was used for the new promo, which lends to its legitimacy. Hopefully this promo ends up being real so that iPhone and iPad users can enjoy Google’s creepy yet useful new product.

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