London Retailer Stocks Monster’s Gold Plated Headphones: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Golden Headphones

Monster’s Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition headphones.

Monster has officially released their grand golden headphones in London. Here’s five facts you need to know about these expensive and super classy headphones.

1. The Headphones Are Encrusted With Diamonds
Monster Golden Headphones
Monster’s golden headphones are outfitted with 18 carat gold and black diamonds. A spider encrusted with 5.56 carats of black diamonds can be seen crawling over one of the headphone’s ear covers.
2. They’re On Sale At A London Store
Golden Headphones Harrods
These headphones have officially gone on luxury London retail store Harrods. The headphones are being sold during the store’s the retailer’s first anniversary. The store is also marking their anniversary with the U.K. retail launch of LG’s £10,000, 55 inch OLED TV. Sony’s Xperia Z tablet is also available for pre-order from the store.

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3. They Cost An Arm and Two Legs
Golden Headphones

Wanna know the damage on how much one of these headphones will do to your wallet? It costs $30,000.
4. The Headphones Came From A Collaboration With A Korean Artist
Monster Golden Headphones

Sally Sohn (left).

Monster’s golden headphones were created in a collaboration with a Koran artist/jewelry designer named Sally Sohn. The headphones feature Monster’s “Pure Monster Sound” technology. As for the headphone’s tuning, they were done by the head of Monster, Noel Lee. Lee spoke to What Hi Fi about this awesome piece of technology:

The creation of the Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition was truly a labor of love for us, and being able to work with such a talented, ahead-of-the-curve designer as Sally to create such a special, museum-quality work of art was really the icing on the cake.

5. Harrods Has Another Pair of Stylish Headphones Available
Golden Headphones
Harrods is selling the brand new Monster’s White and Black Tuxedo DNA headphones, which were created along side Viacom.

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