Marvel’s ‘Unlimited App’ Graces The iPhone, iPad

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited service app has recently landed on Apple’s iPhone/iPad devices. For $60 a year/$10 a month, subscribers can catch up on thousands of comics from Marvel’s long line of superhero franchises. Close to 13,000 back issues will be presented in digital formats for readers.

Users need to jump up on those offer ASAP, since the $60 annual price is only available for a limited time. After some time, the annual price will settle at $120.

Marvel Unlimited App

This app will let users access their Marvel digital comics collection even without an online connection. The Marvel Unlimited service was previously accessible via the Internet, but now it’s compatible with Apple’s smartphone/tablet devices.

NBC News reported some of the apps only negatives that were noticed so far:

– new comics will only appear on Unlimited after about 6 months
– only 6 issues at a time can be kept in the app for reading offline
– some comic searches (for example, Dr. Strange) only brought up a few issues, not all of them

Even with some of these issues, Marvel’s Unlimited app should still be an awesome service for comic book diehards.

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