Samsung Hypes Galaxy S4 with Jazzy Flash Mob in Times Square [VIDEO]

If you happened to be in New York City’s light-spewing, tourist-attracting Times Square yesterday, you may have witnessed the “classiest,” jazziest and perhaps cheesiest flash mob ever.

The dancers — dressed to the nines in bowler hats and bow-ties — were hired by Samsung to promote the Galaxy S4 launch and garnered a good deal of attention from unsuspecting passersby. But this flash-mob is just an appetizer for what Samsung has planned for the Galaxy S4.

Tomorrow marks a big day for the South Korean conglomerate as it is officially unveiling the the new iteration of the Galaxy to the public. The much-anticipated unveiling will have two events; the official unveiling will take place at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall while a larger public event will take place in the iconic Times Square.

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