Top 10 Android Apps of March 2013


If you own an Android phone, you’re probably wondering which apps you should download. Here’s a list detailing apps that we think are the top 10 best apps for March 2013. You will see everything from social to messaging to gaming apps. Hopefully you will discover some free apps that you’ve missed or haven’t used before.

1. Splashtop Remote Desktop HD


If you’re out on the go and you realize you need to access a file thats on your computer, Splashtop Remote Desktop HD is an app that will bring your computer files to your Android device. Using your Android device, you can get files from your computer including important files from PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook files. You can also play Facebook games like CityVille, Pet Society, Cafe World, FrontierVille, FarmVille and Mafia Wars. Before you can use the app its highly recommended that you install SplashTop Streamer on your computer. You can download Splashtop Remote Desktop HD from the Google Play store here. If you need to download Splash Top Streamer you can download it here.

2. Snapchat


Snapchat is currently one of the hottest startups to come out of Silicon Valley. The Snapchat app lets users send messages, pictures and videos. They only appear for a few seconds — 10 at most — and then they disappear. Snapchat is described as the “fastest way to share a moment with your friends,” however, we all know that everyone uses Snapchat for sexting. You can download the Snapchat app on Google Play store here.

3. Photoshop Touch for Phone


Photoshop Touch for Android phone will let you transform your images with all of the features packed into Adobe Photoshop. With this app you be able to combine layers, apply effects, and share images with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. This is the perfect app to make funny cat pictures. You can download Photoshop Touch app on Google Play store here.

4. Dubbler


Dubbler is one of the newest social networks that will let you share your personality with your friends through Facebook and Twitter. The Dubbler app comes with filters and images that you can add to your recording. Celebrities like Mac Miller, Common and Paris Hilton use Dubbler and you should too! You can download Dubbler app on Google Play store here.

5. MessageMe


MessageMe is an app that focuses on context. It offers multimedia like photos, videos, songs, audio recordings and more. The messageme app also has a cool “Doodles” feature that lets you send sketches. If you like drawing mustaches on random celebrities, you’ll have fun with this app. You can download MessageMe app on Google Play store here.

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6. Flow Free


If you’re looking for an addictive puzzle game, Flow Free, will distract you for hours on end until your brain feels like exploding. Currently the #1 hit app, Flow Free, has hundreds of levels in which you need to connect matching colors with the pipe to get the flow going. If a pipe ends up overlapping, it could break, so watch out! You can download the Flow Free app from Google Play store here.

7. Temple Run/Temple Run 2


In Temple Run, the goal is to steal the cursed idol from the Temple, and then run like crazy from the Evil Demon Monkeys. Oh yeah, make sure you watch out for the booby traps, so you can make it out alive.Compared to Temple Run, Temple Run 2 comes with new environments, obstacles, bigger monkeys and characters come with special powers. You will also need to find your way through mines and forests when you try to escape the second time around.

8. Cut the Rope


In Cut the Rope, you will need to feed candy to “On Nom,” a cute green monster that collects stars. You’ll will notice that candy will hang and you need to well cut the rope to get it into On Nom’s mouth. In order to slice the rope, just swipe with your finger. This game is quite fun and addicting! You can download the Cut the Rope app from Google Play store here.

9. Bad Piggies


Bad Piggies is a spin-off from the mega-hit Angry Birds, this time around you’re a green pig that builds vehicles to steal the birds’ eggs. If you’re looking to kill time, start playing this app. You can download the Bad Piggies  app from Google Play store here.

10. Marvel War of Heroes


The Marvel War of Heroes is considered one of the best comic book-themed video games in the Google Play Store. In Marvel War of Heroes, you will train and lead a team of heroes to take down rivals. Your ranking will be determined by your performance. Special edition cards will not only give you items but will boost your abilities. You can download the Marvel War of Heroes app from Google Play store here.

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