The 10 Best Cooking and Recipe Apps For Your iPhone, iPad or iOS Device

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you’re probably wondering which apps to download. Here’s a list of our favorite cooking/recipe apps for March 2013. You will discover hundreds and thousands of mouth-watering recipes, so you’ll never get bored. If we missed any apps that should get noticed, let us know in the comments section below!

1. Cook’s Illustrated

(Photo Credit: Cook’s Illustrated)
When your wife or girlfriend sends you to the grocery store for olive oil, do you ever find yourself aimlessly staring at the whole entire aisle, wondering, “which one should I buy?” The Cooks Illustrated app not only comes with some of the best recipes for appetizers, main courses to side dishes, breakfasts, and desserts, but it will also help you pick out which brands to buy and which ones you shouldn’t. You can also create shopping lists so you don’t forget any of your important items to pick up. This app will also help you become the perfect multi-tasker in the kitchen, providing you with a way to start and manage multiple kitchen timers. You can download the Cooks Illustrated app from the App Store here.

2. Dinner Spinner
(Photo Credit:
The official app is one of my favorites, especially when it comes down to finding new recipes or side dishes to go along with a main dish. Whether you’re into baking, grilling, barbecuing, or frying, the app has it all! The best part about the app includes hooking you up with recipes for every meal recipes that take less than an hour to cook. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who wonders, “Why do I spend two to three hours cooking the perfect meal when it takes 10 minutes to eat.” You can download the Dinner Spinner app from the App Store here.

3. Whole Foods Market Recipes

(Photo Credit: Whole Foods Market)
If you’re single and wondering where you can pick up hot chicks, and you haven’t had any luck at your local bar or bowling alley,you should ask yourself, “Why haven’t I been to Whole Foods?” Whole Foods is a perfect place to pick up health-conscious hipster babes. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the Whole Foods Market recipe app, you should now so that you can start planning your next visit to scope out the green-minded females. Once you select a good shopping list from the app, go to Whole Foods and pick out the recipe items you need and “browse.” This app will give you a good reason to go to your local Whole Foods Market to find the perfect girl….I mean er… recipes. You can download the the Whole Foods app from the App Store here.

4. Wegman’s

(Photo Credit: Wegman’s)
If you had no luck at Whole Foods, Wegman’s should be your backup plan. The Wegman’s app will make your shopping experience much easier, and will even show you past purchases. This way, you can get ahead start on your grocery shopping. A new addition of the app includes the Nutritional Facts label posted for each product. You can also estimate the total cost for your items on your list before you go grocery shopping. This is a great app to use while you’re at Wegmans, especially if you’re worried about over spending. You can now download the Wegman’s app from the App Store here.

5. Weber’s on the Grill

(Photo Credit: Weber’s on the Grill)
Are you having your friends over this weekend to barbecue while watching the NCAA Final Four Tournament? Weber’s On The Grill app for iPhone comes with over 40 recipes for marinades, rubs (no, not that kind of rub), and sauces that you will leave your tongue feeling like its on fire! You can also create and share grocery lists, and email your favorite recipes to your friends. This app is perfect for the guy who loves wearing the “Kiss me, I’m a cook” apron while barbecuing. You can download the Weber’s On The Grill app from the App Store here.

6. Evernote Food

(Photo Credit: Evernote Food)
Everyone knows about Evernote, but how many people know there’s an Evernote Food app. Why has the world been hiding this app?! The Evernote Food app will give you easy access to thousands of recipes, let you know where the hottest new restaurant in town is, and allows you to create and share photo essays of your meal. This app is similar to posting pictures of food on Instagram, but it will come out looking 100x better. You can download the Evernote Food app from the App Store here.

7. Bigoven

(Photo Credit: BigOven)
The Big Oven is known as “The Ultimate Kitchen Tool,” and will introduce you to over 250,000+ recipes. The Big Oven app provides you thousands of ideas on how can spice up your leftovers. Just enter the ingredients that you have in your pantry or fridge, and you can browse through tons of ideas on how you can spice up your leftovers. You can easily add recipes from the internet by pasting a web URL into Big Oven’s website. You can now download the Big Oven app from the App Store here.

8. Healthy Recipes

(Photo Credit: SparkRecipes)
Whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply wanting to find healthier recipe options, this app from will be a good place to start. It will give you access to over 190,000 recipes and will allow you to save recipes that you’re interested in. You can also search through the database to choose dishes by ethnicity and how many calories and carbs are in each recipe. The app even has videos that will teach you new cooking techniques from Chef Meg, Spark Recipe’s in-house cook. You can download the Healthy Recipes app from the App Store here.

9. Mark Bittan’s How to Cook Everything App

(Photo Credit: Mark Bittan’s How to Cook Everything)
If you loved Mark Bittman’s bestselling How to Cook Everything cookbook, you can find those same recipes in his How to Cook Everything app. You will find thousands of recipes, how-to illustrations, menu ideas, and cooking advice on how to make good food. You can also create Favorite folders so you can save your favorite recipes. If you’re not connected to the internet, you can still access your Favorite folders offline. You can download the How to Cook Everything app from the App Store here.

10. Fast Paleo

(Photo Credit: Fast Paleo)
The Fast Paleo app comes with over 1,200 mouth-watering recipes in 19 different categories. Recipes are updated on a daily basis so you will never run out of ideas of what to make for dinner. You can search by recipe title, recipe detail, non-dairy/dairy or multiple ingredients, so you can make a recipe from the items you have in your fridge or pantry. You can download the Fast Paleo app for 99 cents from the App Store here. According to Fast Paleo’s website, 5% of the sales will go towards a new non-profit called “JunkFreeKids,” which is dedicated to providing kids cooking workshops and information about eating healthy. You can download the Fast Paleo app from the App Store here.

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