Best Kickstarter Campaigns of March 2013

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Kickstarter is a platform where people can help fund creative projects and is one of the biggest crowdfunding programs out there. You will find everything from games, technology, movies to music. Since its launch in 2009, over 35,000 projects have been pledged by more than 3 million people. For project owners, Kickstarter is a great way to stay connected with backers and gain potential backers as well. Here are 10 Kickstarter campaigns you need to know about.

1. The Veronica Mars Movie Project

Three days after the launch of its campaign, the potential film became the fastest Kickstarter project to hit $1 million in 4 hours and 24 minutes. Once it hit the ten hour mark, the proposed Veronica Mars movie reached the $2 million mark. Money seems to be flowing in from all over the world including Australia, Europe, and Canada. The Kickstarter fund is now topping close to $4 million. Although the goal was reached, the Veronica Mars project still continues to raise funding in order to increase the budget for the movie. Thomas says, “There’s an altercation [at a high school reunion in the film], and how much money we raise affects whether that is having terse words exchanged or a full-on brawl.” The Veronica Mars Movie Project has 10 more days to go. You can back the project here.

2. Ube WiFi Connected Smart Light Dimmer

Do you ever leave your house wondering “did I forget to turn all the lights off?” Well, Ube WiFi Connected Smart Light Dimmer will make your life a lot easier by allowing you to control the lights in your home by using your smartphone. It looks like you would need to purchase a Ube Smart Dimmer for it to work with the app on your smartphone. The app also lets you control multiple lights and create lights that will fit your mood. The Ube Smart Light Dimmer has 28 hours to go. You can back the project here.

3. Ouya

Ouya, the Android-based video game went well over its original goal of $950,000 by ending its campaign with $8.5 million. During the last week of its campaign, Ouya announced that they would be partnering up with VeVo to bring high-definition musc video and entertainment to its platform. This make it easier to access music videos from artists like Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Kings Of Leon onto your big TV screen. Since Ouya’s Kickstarter campaign was so successful, they are able to bring entertainment beyond gaming. If you haven’t had the chance yet, you can check out our Top 10 Facts You Need to Know on Ouya here.

4. Torment: Tides of Numenera

The Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter has become one of the fastest campaigns to reach $1 million, hitting the mark under eight hours. The campaign has been backed by over 30,000 people and raised well over $1.7 million, which is basically doubling its $900,000 goal. The original estimated date of delivery was December 2013, however it’s now becoming a game for 2015. “Many of you have asked if the unexpected support we have received will require us to push back the release date. While we do not yet know what our final development budget will be, we do know that we’ll need a few months past the December 2014 launch date we first proposed at $900,000,” read an update on the Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter page.

“It’s our plan to use funds to keep the team on the project longer, allowing us to design, iterate, and polish more, to make a game that truly lives up to the Torment name.”

inXile will announce more details as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends. There are 51 hours to go. Project Eternity’s Kickstarter reached $3.9 million, can Torment: Tides of Numenera beat that? You can back the project here.

5. Thermodo

Thermodo is a tiny accessory that will let you check the temperature around you accurately. It was developed by Robocat who launched apps like Haze and Thermo in the App Store and now they want to bring you a miniature thermometer that plugs into your smartphones audio jack. Thermodo will give you instant access to the temperature indoors as well as outdoors so you can find out if you are wasting energy inside your home. The Thermodo is pretty tiny and is a two part key chain. The best thing about Thermodo is that you don’t need to replace batteries or charge it. The Thermodo has 5 days to go. You can back the project here.

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6. Brew Clip

If you’re in the market for a new wallet, I suggest the Brew Clip. It’s a wallet that will hold your driver’s license, money, and all your credit cards. It also has a built-in bottle opener, which is pretty rad. The founders of Brew Clip describe this new wallet to be like a “Swiss Army Knife of wallets because its made out of stainless steel and is more versatile than a regular money clip, and much lighter than the average wallet.” The Brew Clip has 29 days to go. You stil have plenty of time to back the project here.

7. Story Press

Story Press knows how important it is to capture special moment so you can pass it down from generation to generation. You can pack your Story Press Library with plenty of storybooks that have inspired you in different ways, ranging from family stories to audio diaries. Stories can be made private, so only the people you send the link to can listen, or they can be made public to share with the world. You can easily share your Story Press Library via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. Story Press has 27 days to go. You can back the project here.

8. Fuel: The World’s Smallest Cell Phone Charger

Fuel launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for what they call “the World’s Smallest Cell Phone Charger.” The “Fuel” micro cell phone charger will give you the extra battery power you need, and is portable and easily accessible. The micro-USB charger is quite small and is made to be key chain-friendly. Fuel was designed to give you an extra 20-30 minutes of talk time or a few hours standby time. When your smartphone is running low on battery and you forgot your charger, “Fuel” will prove to be useful. The Fuel: World’s Smallest Cell Phone Charger has 15 days to go. You can back the project here.

9. PocketBands

If you’re sick and tired of losing your key in your pants pocket, the PocketBand, is the perfect solution for you. It’s a wristband with a hidden pocket. The bands will work great whether you’re running, biking, skating, surfing, swimming or doing any other kind of activity. The bands look to be pretty comfortable and stylish, and also comes in a variety of patterns and colors. The PockeBand is made out of surgical-grade silicone, which makes the wristband durable and waterproof. PocketBand has 17 days to go. You can back the project here.

10. The 10-Year Hoodie

Last year, Flint and Tinder, launched a line of men’s underwear based out of the USA. Flint and Tinder is back for a second round on Kickstarter, but this time around with a 10-year hoodie. You might be wondering, “What’s a 10-year hoodie?” It’s a unisex hoodie that comes with a 10-year guarantee, Flint and Tinder guarantees they will mend your hoodie for free anytime it needs it during the next decade. The 10-year hoodie will save you hundreds of dollars from throwing away old hoodies that have a small tear. Jake Bronstein launched the successful starter campaign on March 7th, 2013 and has raised over $780,000 when the pledge goal was $50,000. The 10-year hoodie has 18 days to go. You can back the project here.

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