E3 2013: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

E3 is one of the biggest industry expo’s in the world. Solely concentrated on the video game and tech industry, E3 has become one of the must-attended conferences for any tech enthusiasts. This year’s E3 will be held in California from June 11-13. Here’s what you can expect.

1. Expect to See the PlayStation 4
Back in March, we were all so excited when Sony announced the Playstation 4. Except..they didn’t “unveil” it; we never actually got an opportunity to see the new console. We didn’t get much info beyond hardware specs and some spectacular gameplay demos, but minimal info we got about the release date (“holiday season 2013”), the pricing, and even the design of the console is frustrating. Hopefully we can see a lot more from Sony at E3.

2. The Xbox 720 Will Be Integral To E3, Too
The Xbox 720 is the other major console set to be released in 2013. Just today, Microsoft sent members of the press invitations to an unannounced event on May 21st, which many are hypothesizing will be the unveiling of the Xbox 720. Obviously, since the two dates are so close (10 days away from each other, approximately), the Xbox 720 will be really important to E3. Not only could we see the device at E3 in person, but we could possibly test it out.

3. Speaking of Sony…What’s Going to Happen to the PS Vita?
Yeah…the PS Vita. Remember that? With Sony lunging forward with the Playstation 4, a decision needs to be made on the PS Vita. The PS Vita was priced a little high, but when Sony lowered the price, the sales figures jumped dramatically. Will Sony lower the price even more, to make it more attractive to potential customers, or will the discontinue the handheld video game console, after facing tough competitor from the Apple iPad and Android tablets? We’ll find out.

4. We Can Expect To See New Xbox 720 Games
Microsoft will definitely save some new features and gameplay demos for E3. Not only will it increase the hype for the new console, but it’ll help Microsoft be the biggest topic during the three-day conference. According to Slashgear, Microsoft will save some of the best games for E3:

According to the invite we received earlier from Microsoft, the company will be revealing a “full lineup of blockbuster games” at E3 2013. We’re guessing that the company will debut a few games for the new console during its May 21 event, but Microsoft says that they will “continue the conversation and showcase” during E3.

5. Nintendo Needs To Step It Up
Nintendo needs to have a strong showing at E3 in order to ease investors. Nintendo released their Q3 earnings report recently and its clear that the company is struggling; Nintendo failed to reach analysts expectations. What’s hurting them is poor Wii U sales. They’ll need to prove that the Wii U can compete with the PS4 and Xbox 720 in order for the company’s financials to improve.

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