Elissa Murphy Leaves Yahoo For GoDaddy: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

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Elissa Murphy is one of the most high-profile women in Yahoo, minus Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. However, AllThingsD reports that Murphy, Yahoo’s VP of engineering for cloud services, is leaving the company to work at GoDaddy, the domain registering website.

1. Murphy Will Be GoDaddy’s New CTO
Murphy will become GoDaddy’s new Chief Technology Officer, according to AllThingsD. In addition, Murphy will be the head of platform efforts as well.

2. Murphy Isn’t The First Yahoo Hire For GoDaddy
Ex-Yahoo head of product development, Blake Irving, left Yahoo to become GoDaddy’s CEO in December 2012. Since then, he’s hired two of his ex-employees: Murphy and Jame Carroll, a Senior Vice President of the consumer and global platform group at Yahoo. Carroll is now in charge of GoDaddy’s international division.

3. Murphy Loves Cloud Services
On Murphy’s Yahoo Careers page, the Yahoo VP talks about what attracted her to Cloud services, saying the combination of a start-up vibe and still being able to work on what you love is a “unique combination [that] makes for a creative, yet fast-paced environment that is unlike anything else in the industry. “You want to build cloud systems but you want to do it quickly? This is the place you want to come to.”

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4. She Joined Yahoo in 2010
Murphy came to Yahoo in November 2010, according to her video bio on the aforementioned Yahoo Careers page. She also mentioned the combination of working for a fun, start-up-esque company that has a ton of prestige and clout in Silicon Valley.

5. Murphy’s Hiring Shows That Women Can Succeed In Silicon Valley
Recently, there has been a huge controversy among techies regarding the idea that Silicon Valley and executive postions for tech companies are reserved for men only. The issue came to light when Yahoo hired Marissa Mayer from Google last year, which made her youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company. The issue came up again when Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, went on 60 Minutes and talked about here difficulty breaking into the tech world and the issues she faced on her path on becoming one of the most powerful women in Silicon Valley. Elissa Murphy’s hiring shows most companies — even GoDaddy, which became famous for producing racy Super Bowl advertisements — don’t take gender into account when hiring new employees.

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