Facebook 6.0 for iOS: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Facebook, Inc. has updated its Facebook app to version 6.0. The new update includes its chat heads for both the iPhone and iPad versions of the app. A floating head will enable users to continue a chat with a friend while browsing news feeds. iPhone Facebook users can also send Emoji-style stickers inside the messages, and new feeds like Music, Photos, and Games have been added. The iPad app News Feed has been redesigned. The new chat head feature will be available over the next few weeks.

1. Facebook 6.0 Arrives With Chat Heads


Facebook will be updating its iOS apps to include the Chat Heads feature this week. The company announced it will be hitting the App Store Tuesday. Chat Heads was introduced with Facebook Home and integrates with SMS and Facebook Messenger. The Chat Heads feature will appear as a bubble with your friends heads in them. You can move the bubbles around to the sides of your screen. Once you click on the bubble it will reveal the message. If you drag them to the bottom it will dismiss the chats. The Chat Heads pop up will roll out over the next couple of weeks for iPhone users who download the update.

2. Facebook 6.0 Comes With Stickers


Facebook 6.0 also comes with a new feature called Stickers which is Facebook’s version of emoji-like pictures to other users.
The ability to send stickers is limited to the iPhone, but any device will be able to receive them.

3. Facebook Version 6.0 is Optimized for iPads Large Screen


Back in 2010, Facebook didn’t even have an app available for the iPad. When it did release an iPad app, it was considered a blown up version of the iPhone app. Facebook Version 6.0 will be optimized for the iPad’s large screen. The app looks cleaner and you’ll notice changes with the News Feed. Michael Reckhow the Product Manager for the News Feed on mobile says he “was just really thinking about the details that make the stories the focus and not all these interface elements.”

4. Facebook Improved How Shared Links Are Displayed
Facebook made improvements to how shared links are being displayed, by selecting which text gets shown. According to Reckhow, “There a lot of server back-end magic to get the right photos and get the right text.” The way a story has been shared on the News Feed has also gotten tweaked. Wagner says “it feels like you’re using the same product.”

5. Facebook Version 6.0 is Available in the App Store
You can download Facebook Version 6.0 from the App Store here.