Facebook HTC Android Phone Announcement Live-Blog

Today, at 1 p.m. EST (10 a.m. PST), Facebook will be holding a press event in their Menlo Park campus. According to most, Facebook will be revealing a brand new smartphone today. There have been dozens leaks, rumors, and alleged images of Facebook Phone.

We’ll be updating this post with news from the event.

UPDATE 32: Alrighty thats a wrap. Stay tuned for some more coverage on Facebook’s phone later today.
UPDATE 31: Ralph De La Vega is talking about AT&T LTE. The HTC First will be available on April 12th and will only cost $99.
UPDATE 30: The HTC FIrst will come in four different colors and use AT&T LTE coverage.
UPDATE 29: Introducing the HTC First. Looks pretty fine.
UPDATE 28: Peter Chou from HTC and Ralph De la Vega from AT&T are presenting…something.
UPDATE 27: Ew…Zuckerberg just said he has “one more thing.” It’s about a Facebook Home Program, to build phones that come with Facebook Home.
UPDATE 26: App will be available in one week, on April 12th.
UPDATE 25: They’re showing a video…it’s basically a commercial.
UPDATE 24: Zuckerberg: “We think this is the best version of Facebook there is.”
UPDATE 23: Wunderkid Mark Zuckerberg is back on the stage.
UPDATE 22: Both Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri have mentioned the “openness” of Android and how they don’t want to “fork” Android.
UPDATE 21: Wow, Home will update 12 times a year, once a month.
UPDATE 20: Facebook Home will work on tablets too. Will be available in “several months.”
UPDATE 19: Adam Mosseri is back. You can easily download the app from the Google Play store after the event.
UPDATE 18: Text messages are green. You can even do group chats.
UPDATE 17: Chatheads looks awesome. I hate having to choose between a game or a text message.
UPDATE 16: Chatheads doesn’t force you to choose between the app your using and messaging. You can easily access the new texts by tapping a chathead.
UPDATE 15: Joey Flynn, Product Designer, is on stage to talk about messaging.
UPDATE 14: Apps are really easily accessible. Just one swipe and you can see your favorite apps.
UPDATE 13: You could get rid of notifications one by one, or gather them together and get rid of them at the same time.
UPDATE 12: It’s focused on swiping, tapping, and gestures, to make accessing your content easier.
UPDATE 11: Cover Feed is the center of Facebook Home, where you can swipe through stories and view your friends’ stories.
UPDATE 10: Adam Mosseri, Director of Product, is on stage talking about the features in more detail.
UPDATE 9: The feature is called “Chatheads.” It works with both SMS and Facebook messages.
UPDATE 8: You can easily share almost anything, from scores from your favorite mobile games, to images.

UPDATE 7: Here’s what The Verge is saying about the best features for Facebook Home:

Home modifies both the homescreen and the lockscreen — you’ll have content loaded in the background and displayed automatically on both. You can double-tap to like a post, and comment right from the homescreen.To get to your actual apps, you just need one swipe. You set your finger on your own face, and you swipe up to get to apps.Notifications come in from “people, not apps.” They each have a person’s face. You can collect up all the notifications together into a neat little stack and either swipe them away or store them.

UPDATE 6: Zuckerberg’s talking about the “soul of your phone,” the Facebook Home screen.
UPDATE 5: “‘Today’s phones are designed around apps, not people,’ he repeats. Really setting the stage here, moving into a history of Facebook’s UI and News Feed.” From The Verge.
UPDATE 4: Facebook is by far the most popular third-party app.
UPDATE 3: Zuck’s dropping some mobile Facebook stats on us.
UPDATE 2: Mark Zuckerberg takes the stage. “Today we’re finally going to talk about that Facebook phone.”
UPDATE 1: 1:04 p.m. on the East Coast, and it still hasn’t started yet.