Google Launches Inactive Account Manager


Have you ever wondered what would happen to your personal data you have stored in your Google accounts when you pass away? Google launched on Thursday a new tool called the Inactive Account Manager, which has been designed to protect users personal data or delete it if a user can no longer access their account or in the event they pass away.

Users can pick a time out period of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or a year, if the account is not used within the time frame the account will become inactive. The Inactive Account Manager will send an alert via email or text message before the timeout period passes.

Users can select ten people in which they would like to be notified when the account is inactive. Personal data would then be sent to those ten people selected for safekeeping. This included personal data from Gmail, Google+, Google Voice, YouTube and Picasa Web Access, etc.

When the ten people receive the personal data they want to keep, the Inactive Account Manager will delete the users account. Google says its a way for users to plan their “digital afterlife.”

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