Google Now Launched on iOS as Part of the Google Search App


Google released its Google Now services for the iPhone and iPad on Monday. It will be available in Google’s Search app in the Apple App Store.

The iOS version is similar to the Android version, the iOS version will be tailored to your search. It will show you the weather to start your day, remind you of your next appointment and will show you the quickest way to get to work, and will show you different routes to take based on the amount of traffic. The service will learn all your habits and routines and will provide you the information without having to search for it every single time.

Google CEO Larry Page says “Our goal is to get you the right information , at just the right time.”

The iOS version, is integrated into Google’s operating system, the iPad and iPhone version are part of the Google Search app. The design is similar to the Android Version, and focuses on a clean and simple design and alerts are presented on cards.

The Google Now app uses a modern font and offers tons of white space, which is similar to the new Maps, YouTube and Gmail apps for the iPhone. When compared to the Android version, the design elements are similar.

Just like Siri, Google Now is also equipped with voice technology and allows users to respond to questions and interact with users. Once you install the Search app, Google will provide a tutorial on Google Now. Just sign in with your Google account and you will start getting updates via swipe able cards. Just hit the microphone icon and just ask the service if your flight is on time or what the weather is. Users will need iOS 5 or above.

“The more you use Google Now, we will have a better chance of understanding what your needs are and providing you with the right information,” Gultekin said. “It’s a virtuous cycle.”