iPhone 6 Features: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 6 later this year. The iPhone 6 is expected to be a major leap forward from the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

Here are 5 expected features rumored to be included in the iPhone 6.

1. iPhone 6 Likely Available in Multiple Color Options

iphone 6 rumors, iphone 6 different colors

The days when you could only get an iPhone in white or black are long gone. The iPhone 5s comes in three metallic hues, while the 5c comes in a variety of candy-colored tones. It’s not out of the question to assume that the iPhone 6 will offer plenty of colorful case options. Since the 5s is more premium than the 5c, it’s likely that the pricy iPhone 6 will be offered in the same three metallic shades as the 5s: silver, gold, and space gray.

Still, it’s also possible that the iPhone 6 will have color options that are more in step with the concept art above. Letting consumers choose the color of their device adds another level of customization that most iPhone users will appreciate. Then again, many iPhone fans just put a cover on their phone anyway, making case color options less important to some users.

2. iPhone 6 Expected to Be a Much Bigger Device With a Bigger Screen

iPhone 6 Bigger Screens VisualizedMore – gottabemobile.com/2014/01/29/iphone-6-screen-sizes-visualized-video/ See what iOS looks like on screens from 4.5-inches to 5.7-inches on a variety of real devices. We don't have an iPhone 6, but this video showcases what iOS 8 might look like on a larger screen.2014-01-29T17:09:56Z

The video above from GottaBeMobile showcases what an iPhone 6 might look like with a larger screen.

It is expected that the iPhone 6 will boast a bigger screen and a larger form factor than any previous iPhone model. Outlets like the Wall Street Journal have already reported rumors that Apple is planning on unveiling a device with a screen size much larger than the puny 4 inches in the iPhone 5. The previous screen upgrade saw the device jump from 3.5 inches in the iPhone 4S to 4 inches in the iPhone 5.

How big of a change are we talking about from the 5s to the iPhone 6? It could be up to an inch or more, according to some tech insiders. This size change would make the iPhone 6 closer in size to popular Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5.

There are even rumors that the iPhone 6 might come in two sizes: a smaller “phone” size, as well as a “phablet” with a bigger screen of up to 5.7 inches.

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3. iPhone 6 May Have Wireless Charging, Unique Battery

iphone 6 rumors, iphone wireless charging

Wireless charging is an interesting concept that has already started showing up in other devices. Nokia has started producing a wireless charging pad for their Lumia 920 smartphone, and they have created attachments so that wireless charging works on older Lumia devices as well.

Apple could really benefit from implementing wireless charging in the iPhone 6, especially given the gripes about battery life in older iPhone models. They would manage to include a trendy new feature that companies like Google and Samsung haven’t implemented in their smartphones yet. Beating competitors to the punch should be reason enough for Apple to include wireless charging.

There is some indication that Apple has at least investigated the possibility of wireless charging options in the new iPhone. In our round-up of rumors about the iPhone 6’s battery life, we touched on two very intriguing rumors. Firstly, the new iPhone might have solar charging capabilities. Alternatively, the phone might have a new type of battery that charges more quickly.

4. iPhone 6 Will Feature iOS 8, Will Possibly Sync With iWatch


iOS 8 is an upcoming software update for Apple’s mobile operating system. There’s not much that’s been leaked about it, but the reports that have surfaced have been pretty interesting. Rumored features in iOS 8 include a bold new look, a focus on health & fitness functionality, an improved Siri voice interface, and improved Maps.

The Wall Street Journal reports that iOS 8’s focus on health may signal the debut of a new iProduct…the long-awaited iWatch:

“There’s growing number of signs that Apple is developing a wearable device, such as a watch, that will focus on health and fitness. It’s a critical moment for Apple, which has promised that it will soon break into one or more new product categories as growth in iPhones start to slow…

The company is working on a sensor-laden iWatch that will work with an application codenamed ‘Healthbook’ capable of monitoring and storing information such as steps taken, calories burned, blood pressure, hydration levels and even blood-related data such as glucose levels.

Apple’s health and fitness application will be part of the company’s upcoming iOS 8 operating system…suggesting that the iWatch may be released this year. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.”

More information about the features in iOS 8 is expected this June, when Apple hosts their Worldwide Developers Conference.

5. iPhone 6 Will Have Updated Internal Specs

iPhone Air Concept 2014Introducing iPhone Air Additional technical specification available here: theverge.com/2014/3/9/5488574/iphone-air-8-larger-device-17-larger-display Music: Lemaitre – Cut to Black facebook.com/lemaitremusic Created using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro X. © Sam Beckett 2014 Website: samjohnbeck.prosite.com Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/samjohnbeck Follow me on Behance: behance.net/samjohnbeck Follow me on Dribbble: dribbble.com/samjohnbeck iPhone and iOS are…2014-03-09T19:46:15Z

The concept video above was created by Sam Beckett. The concept video features an iPhone 6 with updated internal specs that include a 17% larger screen with 68% more pixels. The “iPhone Air” concept from the video is just 7mm thick, but has a massive 10MP camera.

Apple historically updates their internal hardware with every new device. In terms of speed and efficiency, the iPhone 6 will definitely be the best yet. Apple may also decide improve the battery life, considering one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone line is the dismal battery performance, at least compared to Android smartphones.

Other rumored upgrades to the iPhone 6 include a camera with swappable lenses, as well as waterproofing.

The full, official list of iPhone 6 features is likely to be revealed in the Fall of 2014, when Apple debuts the new phone at a Keynote event. The date of this event is TBA.

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