Julia Allison Sucked Into Arrington Abuse Allegations

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Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, has been in the news recently over allegations made by an ex-girlfriend regarding rape and physical abuse.

Gawker has published number of reports claiming that Arrington not only abused Jenn Allen, but other women as well. One of them, according to Gawker, is Meaghan Asha. However, Asha has denied the claims in a statement to TechCrunch.

But, today, Gawker published another article that implies Asha is “lying” or not being 100 percent truthful about Arrington. According to a friend of Asha’s that Gawker interviewed Julia Allison — a well-known entertainment blogger — who said that she saw the physical abuse.

Arrington quickly took to his blog, UnCrunched, and responded to Gawkers most recent allegations. Here’s what he said:

Yesterday I posted a letter from my attorney discussing allegations made by Jennifer Allen against me. More responses are being prepared by my attorney for different parties as well.

In the meantime, I need to immediately respond to a new post by Gawker, their sixth of these allegations. In that post Gawker continues to make claims that I have been abusive towards Meghan Asha – claims that she has denied. These claims are based on statements from ex friends of Meghan, all of whom seem to be working in concert to create a false narrative.

In addition, Arrington published these photos too.

jenn allen michael arrington


Also, a commenter with the name “Julia Allison” posted a comment in the Gawker article above. Here’s a screenshot of what she said. Allison confirmed that she was the person who posted the comments in an email to Heavy.

julia allison gawker

UPDATE: John Cook of Gawker has published an update on their post, publishing texts between Adrian Chen and Julia Allison. Read the update on Gawker’s post here.

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