5 Ways LinkedIn’s New ‘Mentions’ Feature Can Boost Brand Awareness


Over the last few years, incredibly popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have proven to be successful tools for aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses to market their brands. Both startups and large companies are now able to target their markets, communicate directly with their customers, and produce high quality content to boost brand awareness. Features like mentions, the proverbial name tagging, have made it easier for brands to be more memorable to current and potential customers. A mention is an update that has an “@username” in the message. According to studies, it will take five to seven mentions before people start to remember brand names.

Twitter was the first notable social network to launch push notifications for mentions, which allowed users to see important Tweets even when they weren’t looking at their phone or Twitter account. This enabled Twitter users to continue conversations in real time, and also see who is talking about them. Facebook soon followed, making it easier for users to engage more with both friends and brands.

With 200 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is proving to be a powerful platform for professionals around the world. The company recently added a new feature to its professional network that’s similar to Facebook’s “mention” feature. LinkedIn’s new mention feature allows new ways for its members to engage in conversations with colleagues, consumers and businesses. Whether you’re a marketer or business owner, there are a few ways you can use LinkedIn “mentions” to expand brand awareness. Here are five ways you can take advantage of LinkedIn’s new feature.

1. Engage in Conversation with Consumers and Businesses
With LinkedIn’s mention feature, business owners can now mention consumers or other companies in their status updates. Mentioning members in your updates will make your updates more visible and can increase the chances of engaging members in discussions. When a company adds mentions, members will receive an alert that will let them know they’ve been mentioned. In addition, your updates may also be visible to other members who are connected to those who are mentioned.

2. Share Content Your Connections Are Interested In
If you’re looking to increase your brand through engaging customers, sharing content is key. You can share content from your company’s blog or share articles that are relevant to your business. Mentioning members or partner companies in your shared articles will increase the chances of encouraging meaningful discussions. The more meaningful discussions you have in your updates, the more visibility they will be among LinkedIn members and potential customers.

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3. Share Content from Other Members; Give Them a Shout-Out
If one of your connections shares an interview with an industry leader, make sure to share their content and give them a shout-out. This will make your network feel more noticed and connected with your brand. Sharing content posted by other LinkedIn members will make your customers want to like, comment, and engage in a meaningful conversation. Members will leave inspired, and you will generate high-quality and link-worthy content.

4. Mention Thought Leaders and Notable Members’ Names When Engaging in Content Marketing
You can engage users by mentioning a notable a person on LinkedIn. By posting an update such as, “I just met @SherylSandberg, Facebook COO, and received valuable advice on how to become successful,” your visibility will increase. Twitter is integrated with LinkedIn’s new mention feature, so if you mention someone like Sheryl Sandberg, you can choose to post it on Twitter and her name will be converted to her Twitter handle inside your tweet.

5. Be Mindful How Often You Mention; Don’t Spam
Your connections will see all of your status updates, so if you frequently update with mentions, it may come across as annoying or spammy to business partners, current customers and potential customers. Make sure your posts are spaced out over time. It’s good practice to post at least three updates per day. But posting more may increase the chances of losing some connections.