Robert Scoble Says Jenn Allen is Wrong; Wasn’t Hacked by Michael Arrington

Jenn Allen’s allegations that Robert Scoble’s Facebook account was hacked by Michael Arrington are false.

Yesterday, we reported that Robert Scoble, a well-known tech blogger and writer for, had apologized for comments he made regarding the recent, serious allegations against TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. Here’s what Scoble wrote on his Facebook page (it’s a screenshot):

jenn allen michael arrington

As you can see, Scoble’s apology to Arrington was noticed by Jenn Allen, who has been the outspoken accuser of Arrington, as noted by Gawker. Allen has yet (to our knowledge) press charges against Arrington, but has been using her Facebook account and the Gawker comment system to make devastating allegations against Arrington.

Scoble responded to Allen’s comment, which is below in screenshot form:

jenn allen michael arrington

Then, she made claims that Scoble was posting these things because he was hacked by Arrington. Not only that, but Allen claimed that she actually caught Arrington hacking into her phone before. Here’s the post she made on her Facebook page in its entirety:

jenn allen michael arrington

Then, it seemed like Arrington felt compelled to chime in. He took a screenshot of Allen’s post and send out the following tweet:

jenn allen michael arrington

We reached out to Scoble and he emailed us, saying “This Is Not True.” Not only that, but Scoble has said the same thing on his Facebook account only hours ago.

Allen has since deleted the post from her Facebook account regarding Arrington’s supposed hacking into Scoble’s Facebook. We’ve reached out to her but haven’t heard back.

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