iOS Adds Google Play and Streaming: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Google Play and All Access Streaming are coming to iOS in a few weeks. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1.iOS Adds More Music

At AllThingsD D11 conference, Google’s head of Android Sundar Pinchai announced Google Play’s All Access Music Streaming Service will be available for iOS soon. The service was launched a few weeks ago at the Google I/O conference. This continues the steady stream of Google Apps being available on the iOS platform including Google+. The transition appears to keep all the core services the same.

2.What Is Google Play All Access


The music service is a competitor to Spotify. Compared to the other free services Google has, this one costs $9.99 a month for users but can go as low as $7.99 a month if the free trial is started before June 30th. The streaming system gives the ability to curate specific playlists and can cultivate a massive musical library based on the recommendation engine. Ultimately, the “listen now” function helps this become a personalized streaming radio station.

3.gMusic App Arrived Early on iOS


Despite the shift into bringing the service over to iOS, the gMusic app was brought to Apple-centric operating system last week by the app developers. Now available in the App Store for $1.99, it basically is the focal point of all access streaming. It acted as a client storing all songs into the library but rumors circulated as to why Google didn’t bring it over themselves. According to 9to5 Mac, the search engine was in a holding pattern with Apple and the developers just took it upon themselves. Unfortunately, the independent app may not stay there for very long.

4.Apple Wants A Streaming Service


Not to be outdone, Apple has been working on creating iRadio. The tech giants own personal streaming service has been struggling to get off the ground. Record labels like Sony Music have put up roadblocks for Apple questioning the royalties the second largest music label would get since people can just skip right over songs.

5.What Could Happen To Pandora and Spotify


The two original and most popular streaming services are what Apple and Google are trying to emulate. While Apple may still take some time in getting their music venture off the ground, Google may have a competitive advantage. Both services require subscriptions to skip ads and do more tasks designed to make listening to music a better experience. In terms of cost, Google Play All Access may race to the top since the low cost and free 30 day trial means users can really test out all the functions before continuing. Depth is the key for streaming to survive and Google may just take it over.

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