HTC One Google Edition: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Google announced it will sell the HTC One smartphone this summer. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1.It arrives June 26th


Announced at the D11 conference, Android and Chrome OS Chief Sundar Pinchai told the audience Google will be selling unlocked HTC One phones. For $599, it’ll be available in the Google Play Store. The phone will only be available for AT&T and T Mobile which will have the core UI on Nexus Phones.

2.Unlocked Features Include The Nexus Experience


From an HTC blog post, features include an Android 4.2.2 operating system with Google providing continuous updates. Similar to previous versions of the phone, this special edition will have have unlocked SIM capabilities too. 32 Gigabytes of memory will be available while the coloring will be silver as well as a possible white shade. It’ll also contain an unlocked boot loader that must be done through the standard Nexus experience method.

3.Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 Arriving This Summer


As part of the multiplatform chief’s plan to continue utilizing the Nexus program to utilize stock android software, Google’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is arriving on June 26th. Announced at Google I/O, this phone will be available in the Google Play store for $649. While the HTC has some variations, the Galaxy still appears to remain the same. After the reveal, the reaction to the new phone was mixed. The HTC presentation offered better insight into what customers will get from the product which is why the Samsung should have more to offer for consumers if Google wants it to succeed.

4.This Is Part of Google’s Plan


Pichai’s appearance at D11 was intended to show the search engines plan to offer open technology.The executive considers the company’s real edge to be its app library and cloud services but Pichai felt there was opportunity after the Android acquisition. Ultimately, Google’s triple domain master emphasizes the user experience so they feel the customization of open software will benefit buyers.

5.Which Will Be Better


With both phones arriving on the same date, it’s hard to predict which will perform better. The Galaxy does not appear to distinguish itself much compared to the uniqueness of the HTC. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has sold well but the price of the new version didn’t receive great reviews. The new HTC looks sleek and stylish so predictions may be favored to more units of that being sold.

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