iPad Mini 2 Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Apple’s WorldWide Developers conference is coming up and rumors about the iPad Mini 2 price and release date have started. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1.iPad Mini 2 May or May Not Come Out Fall 2013


Along with speculation that the iPhone 5 will join it, the second version of the miniature iPad may or may not arrive sometime this fall. CNET reported that production would begin this summer which was supported by Apple’s prestigious analyst earlier this year. However, other sources are questioning this since some sites feel that development issues are extending the deadline for the new product.

2.The iPad Mini 2 May Have A Thicker Case

iPad mini 2 casing leak-580-75

Back in February, Techradar reported that it had pictures of what the case of the second generation iPad may look like. The pictures had shown the case held the recognizable apple logo but that it was a bright blue instead of the traditional black. The information was gathered from the chinese weiphone forum and was a silver coloring that held a little extra weight compared to the previous versions. Techradar considered this to be a sign that the retina display would be present as the reason why the case would need to be larger. We reported on this two months ago but no more developments have come up in terms of the casing.

3.The Retina Display May Be Causing Problems


The newest model may have Retina Display just like the iPad 4. The biggest criticism of the iPad Mini is that it had a pretty low resolution which is why the production may be having issues since the developers would want to refine it. The iPad Mini clocks in at a 1,024×798 resolution so reports have indicated the new screen is supposed to have double the amount. While App Insider said the Retina Displays were going into production this past February, no other information has been given proving that.

4.iPad Mini 2 May Have Stronger Specs


Every new product the innovative tech giant makes involves stronger updates compared to the previous generation. The successor to the first Mini is supposed to have an A6X processor to support the IGZO screen but other sources think itll have an A7 processor. It also may have a 10-hour battery life similar to its predecessor which may mean the item is only receiving a few minor upgrades.

5.Everyone Wants To Know The Price


The first Mini is the cheapest iPad Apple has to offer at $329. The second version may be even cheaper, costing 80 dollars less. This information, obtained by CNET from Citi Research, is interesting, but CNET didn’t feel confident with this. While the production time makes sense in order to prepare for the holiday season, the price is puzzling. The new version is supposedly going to receive a series of updates to its internal and external software so it’ll be difficult for Apple to lower the price and maintain such high-grade specs. With the developer conference beginning on June 10th, we can hope some concrete news pops up.

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