New iPhone 5S Leaked Photos: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Apple is at it again. Rumors are percolating that the IPhone 5S will have the same external design like its predecessors but, according to the web, looks may be deceiving at least on the outside. While the release appears to be slated for some time this fall, tech lovers and Apple fans continue to search for any concrete facts about the newest innovation from the world famous tech giant. Here are 5 rumors you need to know to help decide whether the IPhone 5S is worth waiting.

1. There Will Be Some Major Internal Changes

BGR Loud Speaker BracketAbout a month ago, we heard rumors that the iPhone 5S was going to receive a series of internal updates, including improved security and a fingerprint scanner. While the exact features still remain under wraps, BGR obtain several high res images of the various internal components. Ranging from a Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon to a refurbished ear speaker, the site shows that one persistent rumor actually is true. This is a good sign for users seeking more security and better performance.

2. Expect a Fall 2013 Release Date

BGR Wi Fi Flex Cable Ribbon

The phone is projected to go on the market sometime this September.  Similar to previous release, the 5S is slated to go into production during the middle of summer 2013. Rumors are still floating around, since different sites have different dates of the release, but pay attention as the summer marches on since the September date is a perfect time and is in line with Apple’s schedule.

3. It’ll be Packed with IOS 7

BGR SIM Card Trays

4. It May Have Fingerprinting Technology

iOS 7, which was rumored to be delayed, will almost certainly be on the iPhone 5S, similar to previous incarnations. The SVP of Industrial Design, Jony Ive, is reportedly experiencing a series of problems with the interface and is working to correct them. Concerns by Ive ranged from the possibility of “less realistic” looking calendar apps to refining Apple maps. While traffic increased on users with the unannounced software, the attention to quality and detail is a great sign for this upcoming release.

4. It May Have Fingerprinting Technology

BGR Vibrating Motor Assembly

Going to back to the features of the new phone, the refurbished innards could involve a fingerprint scanner. While the “S” may be for security, the scanner function may become an actuality, as many sites are speculating this may be the reason behind the delay. The scanner would be an excellent addition and the additional rumor of sapphire glass would enable this purpose based on the size and toughness as well as better projection for the scanner light.

 5. The Display Will Be Very Different

Finally, this is one of the biggest ideas floating around the blogosphere. From the addition of sapphire glass to Apple allegedly considering using Gorilla Glass, the display of the phone is reportedly going to have a Super HD screen and camera. Refining the camera function would be beneficial to help sell more of the phones but there have been differing reports on the glass, which is making this one puzzling. Still, pay attention to this one too, since the iPhone 5 and 4 have varying picture qualities.

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