Motorola X Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A rumor surfaced that Motorola’s newest smart phone received FCC credentials today. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1.Motorola Has a Future in Smart Phones

Motorola logo. (PRNewsFoto)
Engadget reports that a new Motorola smartphone gained credentials from the FCC. According to the site, the phone now considered as XT1056 carries LTE Band 25 which means it is likely a Sprint product. This past December, the site acquired information that Motorola was prepping an “X” phone and “X” tablet to build competition against more famous rivals like Apple so there is a possibility another version may enter the market.

2.New Features XT1056 May Have

While the company has yet to provide a reveal, Engadget claims the device will have SIM locked carriers along with NFC to prepare for electronic payments among other uses. The phone will have Bluetooth capabilities as well as HSPA+21 Mbps to support a sprint network. While all of these features are excellent for this new phone, the company has issued a reveal yet, but this does sound interesting.

3.Motorola Needs This

While the telecomm giant maintains a large presence, competitors like Apple and Android outshine it when it comes to phones. For years, AT&T has been barraged by criticism ranging from terrible wireless service and even intellectual property theft. Motorola smartphones are ranked very low in terms of quality so they need to have some elements to stand out which is why the acquisition by Google will be beneficial. Innovation is what has helped Apple thrive and this firm has done nothing to really make an impact so the features will matter alot.

4.Two things May Help

Cross carrier availability and stock Android phones are going to be important factors to the phones’ survival. Thanks to Google’s acquisition, the company will be expand across several service providers. Essentially, Google wants a design style of “better is better,” so refurbishing the key elements of the phone could make a serious impact and attract users.

5.Google can save Motorola

While these are all still rumors, this new phone has potential to overshadow other brands. Google is a great company with numerous execs that are experts in innovation. The search engine has a number of resources to hone and refine a phone that become an industry leader. Two things are for certain: It needs to be unique and it needs to have a few features that no other phone has. If it follows this criterion, the Motorola X has the potential to put the company on top.

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