Top 10 Paid Android Apps in Google Play


There is an extreme amount of apps on Google Play market, and it can be quite overwhelming. Lately, we’ve been posting about the best “free” apps. In this post we’ll switch it up and let you know which apps are worth paying for.

1. Swiftkey Keyboard


Developed by TouchType Ltd., Swiftkey is able to understand not just patterns in your typing, but also how words work together. Swiftkey can continue to learn from SMS, your email and even social media accounts (if enabled), so it gets better at making predictions as you type. You can purchase Swiftkey for $3.99 from the Google Play Store here.

2. Minecraft Pocket Edition

minecraft pocket editions

Similar to Minecraft, the Pocket Edition allows players to drop into a landscape made of different cubes. Players “move” these cubes, which can be used to “craft” buildings and items. Pocket Edition comes with two different modes: creative and survival. During creative mode, players can fly around minecraft’s world and build with materials. In survival mode, players can build above the ground (stacking blocks to make castles). At night time, monsters will appear and will attack players as well as their creations. Players can jump in and out of other players’ world’s. You can purchase Minecraft Pocket Edition for $6.99 from the Google Play Store for here.

3. Titanium Backup Prokey Root


With Titanium Backup Prokey Root, users can back up, restore, freeze apps and personal data. Protect external data on SD card, apps and system apps. Titanium Backup Pro is one of the best backup tools for Android devices. If you’re looking for a backup app that’s reliable, you can purchase Titanium Backup Prokey Root for $6.58 from the Google Play Store here.

4. Need for Speed Most Wanted


Created by EA, Need For Speed Most Wanted is a racing game packed with tons of action. This speed racing game has amazing graphics that will give players a one of a kind gaming experience. Earn speed points to unlock new cars. Outrun the cops, rivals and your friends in this dangerous game. Purchase Need for Speed Most Wanted for $0.99 from the Google Play Store here.

5. Beautiful Widgets PRO


Beautiful Widgets PRO is an app that offers a set of widgets that can tell the time, battery status and weather conditions. Launchers like GoPRO and Go Launcher will be able to resize these widgets to fit on your Android device. Set up animation to make your home screen more alive with Beautiful Widgets.You can purchase Beautiful Widgets for $1.99 from the Google Play Store here.

6. Plants Vs. Zombies


In Plants vs. Zombies, Zombies are slowly making their way to your home and you must have a defence line and use your gardening skills to stop them. Planting sunflowers will help generate sunshine, and will kill the zombies. When you advance, you’ll be able to unlock new weapons, new zombies, and new different parts of the yard. Plants vs. Zombies is a fun zombie game.You can purchase Plants vs. Zombies for $0.99 from the Google Play Store here.

7. WeatherBug Elite


With WeatherBug Elite, users can get the latest weather information including local current conditions, severe weather alerts, extended forecast. WeatherBug Elite is the best weather app out there. It’s user friendly, has great graphics and it recently got a fresh new look. You can purchase WeatherBug Elite for $2.99 from the Google Play Store here.

8. Where’s My Water?

where's my water

Where’s My Water? is a simple puzzle game. Swampy the alligator lives in a sewer, and the player needs to fill his bathtub so he can get cleaned up. Swampy is adorable and fully animated. Where’s My Water? is a great game for both kids and parents to play together as its highly entertaining. You can purchase Where’s My Water? for $0.99 from the Google Play Store here.

9. Soundhound


Similar to Shazam, Soundhound can recognize a song by humming a tune or playing it from a speaker in about four seconds. Get up-to-date information on touring artists, watch music videos, purchase songs, view lyrics and more. If you’re on Facebook, you can get real-time Facebook updates from your favorite artists. You can purchase Soundhound for $5.99 from the Google Play Store here.

10. World of Goo


World of Goo is a brain & puzzle game created by 2D Boy. In World of Goo players must help out goo balls in escaping tough situations. Every level has escape pipes in which players need to create networks of sticky ink. There are different types of goo balls, all of them have different features and are planning a way to escape. The puzzles in World of Goo are fun and you definitely get your money’s worth.You can purchase World of Goo for $0.99 from the Google Play Store here.

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