Top 10 iOS iPhone and iPad App Updates for April 2013

With the latest installment of iOS Apps, April had something for everyone. From established apps receiving facelifts and new apps that offer unique entertainment, April is stacked with fantastic, useful, apps. If you are a sports fan or looking for something to watch, you’ll love our ten favorite iOS apps for this month.

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1) Barstool Sports

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The racy sports blog made its mark this month, coming to iOS as an app. Hilarious content — produced by some die-hard sports fan bloggers — can be viewed this on their phones instead of logging online. While the site has its fair share of criticisms, it still is the best destination for no nonsense sports news. You can download the app for iOS here.

2) Digital Theatre

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An interesting choice for theater fans, this app contains a wide variety of British stage productions available for streaming platforms. Digital Theatre’s library is packed to the brim with plays from all over England’s West End. This app is perfect for anyone looking for something to watch while on a long train or plane ride home. You can download the app for iOS here.

3)  Tumblr

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Every aspiring wordsmith’s favorite microblogging platform received a variety of new updates this month, including a social sharing capability. Now, users can share posts on what they find interesting or save content through Instapaper. You can download the app for iOS here.

4) Djay

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By transforming your phone into an expansive DJ booth, anyone can become the life of the party.  Perfect for professionals too, the newest update to the app allows for live audio streaming and a new shuffle setting. The app carefully removed all the bugs from previous versions so music lovers can spin and mix without any issues. You can download the app here.

5) YouTube

best ios apps

The famous streaming platform received an additional facelift this month with an added live streaming support option.  Google installed this for the Youtube app after Coachella so users can have access for their artists live streams as well as sending it to the TV. Ultimately, the app improved upon recording functions and stability issues so music fans should check out the new one ASAP. You can download the YouTube app for iOS here.

6) Anything After The Movies- The Movie Credits Stinger App

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With the summer movie season packed with popcorn chewing fun each weekend, moviegoers may miss a few things. This app, updated with improved search functions and a deeper library, will be perfect for figuring out if there are any scenes after the credits. You can download the app here.

7)  Hautelook

best ios apps

Fashionistas and fashion fans should check out this app, with its April additions of faster performance when you’re looking for your favorite items as well as brighter pictures of outfits. This is the perfect choice for finding the best outfit for the warmer weather. You can download the app here.

8)  Dots: A Game About Connecting

best ios app

Sometimes simplicity is all that matters. This easy and basic game is perfect entertainment over the summer. In April, power ups and trophies were added making this simple game all the more addicting. You can download the app here.

9)  Yahoo! Weather

best ios app

For planning summer vacations, weather can make or break a trip. Utilizing this app with its crystal clear pictures and improved language support, this will be beneficial when figuring out beach days. You can download the updated Yahoo! Weather app here.

10)  Marvel Comics

best ios apps

For fans of comic books or looking for something to read instead of going to the movies, this app is perfect. With an update for full cover previews in April, the app has an extensive library of issues to satisfy any eager reader. You can download the Marvel Comics app here.

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