Twitter Two-Step Account Verification: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

After numerous hacking attacks on twitter profiles, Twitter released a new account verification process. Here are five fast facts on the situation.

1.Better Late Than Never


According to The Verge , Twitter has finally unveiled a two step verification process to protect Twitter profiles after numerous hacking attacks on media outlet sponsored profiles and even brands like Burger King. While the attacks news outlets like the Associated Press have dealt with caused serious damage, other profiles like Jeep has been the target of more trivial attempts. Regardless, this is a sigh of relief for many users of the popular social media site even though it should have came sooner.

2.How It Works


As long as an account has a confirmed e-mail address and a verified phone number, the process is done on the settings menu. After activation, a six digit code will be sent to your phone with your username and password.According to the site, other applications won’t be affected when logging after the verification is done.

3.Twitter Admits Its Not Perfect


The blog post announcing this was written by Product Security Team leader Jim O’ Leary. In the same post, he recommends that users still be careful when it comes to personal information on the site, even with the new setting activated. He still feels optimistic that he can enhance this process for the future.

4.Things To Avoid


Over the past few months, hackers have used various tactics like spearphishing which is a sophisticated way to obtain contact information and other essential items. Despite coverage of the news sites and companies being virtually assaulted, ordinary people have been affected as well. Mashable advice to brands and regular account holders is to make complex passwords and use password management software like Norton. These are simple ways to protect your digital identity.

5.Twitter’s future


Like every social network, the company is looking to stay competitive and a good reputation is extremely important. While they have received criticism for not handling this issue immediately, Twitter is making the right move. The possibility of expanding on the security capabilities is a good sign but they still have some damage control to do. Still, time will tell if the microblogging platform stays a safe place for people to share their thoughts.