Tumblr Users Flock To WordPress: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

On Sunday, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg claimed that Tumblr users are importing their blogs to WordPress. The rate of imports from Tumblr to WordPress increased dramatically from 400-600 an hour to 72,000 thanks to the announcement of Yahoo buying Tumblr (importing a blog means that you’re sharing your blog on a different platform. So, Tumblr users are sharing their blogs on WordPress at an alarming rate). Here are five facts you need to know.

1.Who is Matt Mullenweg

The blogging platform founded by Mullenweg
Mr. Mullenweg is the 27 year old coder who founded WordPress’s parent company Automatic back in 2005. Automatic hosts the publishing website as well as its numerous features including Askisment and Gravitar along with the Publicize feature that allowed writers to have their posts appear on multiple social media outlets including Tumblr.

2.Mullenweg isn’t Worried About Tumblr

According to the blog post on his site, Mullenweg was making an observation about the merger and is curious to see where Yahoo takes the platform. Originally, many outlets felt he was somewhat bragging about the number of Tumblr users transferring their blogs to WordPress but clarified on the post that he was just providing his thoughts. He felt that large number of imports still would not effect Tumblr’s massive database.

3.This Has Happened Before

Posterous Spaces
On AllThingsD, Kara Swisher also stated that users flocking away from a social media service is nothing new. Instragrammers retreated after the Facebook purchase and Posterous users left when Twitter acquired the service, as well.

4.Mullenweg Feels Tumblr Still Has Potential

Tumblr CEO David Karp
The founder still feels that there is a lot of growth for Tumblr and other publishing software. His blog post continues stating “we’re on the cusp of understanding the value of web publishing platforms” but feels Yahoo may have overvalued it although it would grow in the coming years.

5.Mullenweg’s Final Thoughts

While Mullenweg felt that the merger was bittersweet, he feels that the staff at Tumblr will be able to grow thanks to the resources available. He had hoped to see what the company would do if it remained independent but feels that it will flourish with all the new resources.

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