Apple Releases Game Control Designs: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Apple continues a big week of announcements by giving developers instructions to develop a game controller. Here Are five fast facts you need to know.

1.This Is Brand New For The Company


iOS 7 was the pinnacle of the company’s new rollout. The redesign was a big talking point but Apple revealed that they would support the development of third party game controllers. This is the first time for the company and their is a lot of potential since mobile gaming has huge growth potential. During their presentation at WWDC, Apple discussed some software that indicated a number of API’s would be incorporated into the new iOS.

2.There Will Be Two Different Controllers


Gizmodo discovered the schematics from developer-access only document. The designs pictured above are an accurate look of what we can expect. For hardcore gamers, both of these will look familiar. The one on the left is intended to connect directly to an iPhone or an iPad keeping the screen visible while its look is similar to an old Gameboy. The second one which looks like a fusion of an SNES and PS3 control is meant to hook into a Macbook and allow users to control everything from there.

3.It Should Have An Easy Interface Despite Some Rules


Gizmodo elaborated that the “Game Controller Framework” seen in the document said that the API has some technicalities. While it is a simple tool to connect the pads to the operating system, Apple specifies that the game must be playable without the controller. Essentially, they don’t want this innovation to ruin a gaming experience. An interesting note Gizmodo had was that the API may be able operate a gyroscope. The report said that the API has a specific input method for an analog axis control.

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4.Apple TV Has Potential


WWDC had big premieres for many of its products but nothing for Apple TV. Once considered to be a “hobby”, this new product from the legendary innovator had potential to revolutionize our TV-viewing experience. With this new development however Apple TV could morph into a fully fledged gaming console. Originally, the notion was that the TV would be unable to give a full fledged app experience but this is foolish. As long as this TV has the same components the Apple iPhone possesses, this could become a completely new way incorporate Apple products into daily life.

5.What Apple Needs To Do To Make This Take Off


Apple TV should be the pinnacle of this new development. The biggest benefit of this would be that games will live on. Giving this watch-box an internal memory means that these apps will last and be compatible compared to the constant “console wars” that occur. Considering that the set top could encompass other features like skype, the company has a chance to monopolize a big market. Since this week is only the beginning of all the new creations Apple has more concrete information should emerge soon.