Facebook And Samsung Partnership Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Facebook is rumored to be working with Samsung to create a new phone. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1.Zuckerberg met with Samsung Leaders In South Korea


Bloomberg News reported that the famous CEO met with president Shin Jong Kyun of Samsung Electronic Co. to discuss possible partnerships. Bloomberg gained this tip from the head of handset division at the firm. Another topic of discussion between the two tech titans was about the state of the IT industry. Bloomberg notes that both executives had no comment about their meeting but a rumor has surfaced that Facebook may be looking for its own personal smartphone.

2.Samsung Is Hesitant To Make An Investment


The Korea Herald claimed that Zuckerberg wants his company to be like Google. Citing anonymous sources, the article states that Zuckerberg wanted a mobile phone that would be compatible with a Facebook interface. However, the exact details of this conversation are sparse. According to Forbes, Samsung is hesitant to act on this investment due to the lackluster response to Facebook Home. Despite this, Facebook reported that is financially strong in its attempts to become a mobile company.

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3.Negative Press Should Have Been Dealt With


Facebook Home is struggling badly. When it came out in April, it received a slew of one star ratings according to BGR. The software compatible for select Android phones. Issues with the interface included no support for other widgets and apps had trouble appearing. In case this rumor turns out to be true, Zuckerberg needed to provide answers to these concerns users had. This might have made his meeting a little more strained.

4.Google Is Way Ahead Of Zuckerberg


Last year, the legendary search engine acquired Motorola Mobility. The deal was worth an estimated $12.5 billion and opened up the doors for Google to enter the mobile phone market. The first smartphone the company is releasing is the Moto X. This product already has multiple advantages over the iPhone which could mean that this was a big motivating factor for Zuckerberg to schedule this meeting. The CEO has been vocal about converting his company into a more mobile platform. His competitors are already way ahead of him.

5.Facebook Home Needs To Be Fixed First


Facebook’s CEO visit to South Korea is important in more ways than one. The social media service is extremely popular . Many consumer electronic firms have headquarters in the area as well. While this is a good move for the tech star to increase his business, he should have developed a strategy first before heading overseas. Facebook Home would have been a great selling point if he had figured out how to overcome the glitches. Samsung is one of the biggest manufacturers for smartphones but every businessman should know to come up with a good plan before making a deal.