OS X Mavericks Features: 5 Best Features You Need To Know

The operating system was unveiled at WWDC earlier this week. Here are the five best features you need to know.

1.Streamlined Safari 7.0 Simplifies Bookmarks and History


Ending the tradition of cat names, Mavericks is the strongest version the company has made. One of the new features is a streamlined Safari. One part of the new browser simplifies the bookmarks bar. The bar includes three types of links. The first is a preview of what you are viewing and then includes a cover-flow while the history section has simplistic redesign too with a basic hierarchical listing.

2.Safari Has Shared Links And Reading Lists


Voracious readers and news junkies will enjoy the new sharing capability the browser has. Safari adds more functionality to the the reading list. Users can browse through bookmarks and share links they have read through social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. If someone is reading an interesting article, users can follow them and view that particular story. This is all done through the sidebar and continuous scrolling prevents having to click back and forth.

3.The Calendar Will Always Remember Appointments


Apple executive Craig Federighi made this a big selling point in his conference presentation. The calendar has been improved for meticulous planners. New features include a quick transition between months as well as an “event inspector”. Essentially, this serves as a reminder of an appointment. Notifications arrive the day before and provide users with points of interest and suggested addresses based on the information entered into the location field. The calendar can even integrate with map information to give accurate weather and traffic predictions in order to figure out when to leave. Late excuses will be a thing of the past.

4.Passwords Will Be Better Protected


For any computer product, security is a big issue. Forming various logins with different combinations can be difficult to remember which is why the password keychain the company created will enhance security. Shared through the cloud, the system stores all passwords for all related products. It only syncs to trusted devices and will be a perfect tool to prevent identity theft.

5.Finder Tab And Tags Make Organization Easier


This particular feature stresses organization for OS X. The finder tabs and tags will let users merge various windows in Safari to eliminate the clutter as multiple windows being open will pile up as the day goes on. The tags tool will help keep track of any important information that may get lost in the merging process. While this is not a revolutionary development, it will be a big help. The projected release date for OS X Mavericks will be this fall but developers have access to a beta version.

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