Imgur App Now On Android: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

The popular social image website just released its official version of the mobile app. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1.It Is Now Available In Google Play

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According to The Verge, this is the official version of the app which was in beta testing a few months ago. Now available in Google Play, the app has the same capabilities as the main site. It lets you browse and upload photos and control galleries created on your account. The commenting and point systems have been integrated seamlessly and a search tool lets users query an entire libraryor access a specific conversation on partner site Reddit.

2.iOS Version Hopefully Coming Soon

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AllThingsD reports that an iOS version will arrive in the future. The creators are just waiting on approval from Apple. Imgur founder and CEO Alan Schaaf told Venturebeat he would have liked to have launched on both platforms simultaneously. The biggest roadblock was that Apple felt some of the content was copyright infringement and contained inappropriate material.

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3.App May Not Be Complete


While it has most of the basic functions like the website, the company has “teased” that more features may arrive in a few weeks. The tool is fairly simple to use but Techcrunch has speculated that Imgur could morph into a content creation tool. Due to its ties with Reddit and massive amount of page views, the company can create a more social community with users being able to cultivate and refine their viewpoints and witty sayings for GIFS, JPegs etc.

4.Ads Are A Weak Spot


Ads are a new addition to the updated beta and users are not happy. The Verge indicates that users feel ads appear in a very obtrusive way. The site reports that fans of the app would prefer a premium version that would be ad-free. Despite this, it still is a simple too to use. Creating a premium app for android could aid in increasing revenue since Imgur has a small staff and ads are its best source of income.

5.Plans For The Future


CEO Alan Schaaf felt that a mobile expansion would be a great direction for the company to go in after seeing a dramatic increase in mobile visits. The API restructuring was a sign that Imgur was planning on adapting its purpose for commercial use. Developers have the ability turn Imgur into a universal hub for viral image production and sharing but an iOS version could hold that back. While it has been on the iPhone for more than a year, the combo of this new project combined with iOS 7 means the company could increase its popularity. The hopes are that Tim Cook and his staff can come to an agreement soon to have this version premiere sooner rather than later. We will keep you updated.

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