iOS 7 Beta 2 Download: What Bugs and Glitches Do You Have?

As we reported previously, iOS 7 Beta 2 has been released for Apple developers. This update is still a beta (obviously) so things aren’t going to work as smoothly as the final release, which is set to come “sometime in the Fall” according to Apple exec’s who spoke at WWDC 2013.

I downloaded the update as soon as I possibly could, and after 24 hours of use, I’ve noticed a couple. The most blatant one was issues with iMessage. When I first got iOS 7 Beta 2, iMessage just didn’t work. No matter what I did (turned off my cellular service and tinkered around in the Settings app) worked until I just shut off my phone and turned it back on again. A simple fix but still kind of annoying.

Then, when I woke up this morning, all of my texts and contacts were gone. All. Of. Them. I obviously freaked out, and tried to reinstall iOS 7 Beta 2, thinking a reset would get rid of the issues. I ended up not reinstalling since it would have taken hours, and restarted my phone a few times and boom — both my texts and contacts were back.

ios 7 gif

But, other than that, iOS 7 is working well so far. It’s only crashed once and not many apps were glitchy. Venmo didn’t work well, but in a tweet, Venmo Support did say that they were still working on updating the app for full iOS 7 support. But, apps like Snapchat and Tinder are working well now (as opposed to iOS 7 Beta 1). It should be noted that Snapchat will crash if you try to draw anything. Also Instagram works really well too (thank god).

Have you been noticing any bugs or glitches? Leave a comment or shoot me an email at

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