Why Apple Added Support for Vimeo and Flickr? To Screw Google

iOS 7 Beta 2 was released recently for developers and avid Apple fans who are willing to shell out $100 a year for the rights to download a (usually) glitchy beta a few months prior to the official release (like me).

But, as usual, Apple left out some pretty cool and interesting easter egg features throughout the operating system, and those with early access have been finding more and more.

There’s now integration with Flickr and Vimeo, two popular media sharing services. Yahoo owns Flickr, a photo-sharing site, that was once extremely popular, but has fallen due to the rise of Myspace and Facebook. But, after a Tumblr acquisition (that should boost Flickr’s popularity if Yahoo manages to intergrate the both services successfully) and a massive revamp, Flickr coming back from the grave. Apple definitely give Flickr a boost in legitimacy as a service, and Yahoo as a company.

How does partnering with Yahoo screw over Google? It doesn’t…yet. It just shows how willing Apple is to partner up with anyone besides Google. They already added Bing searches to Siri, instead of Google, which was pretty surprising to anyone who was watching WWDC.

It should be noted that Apple also seems to have take a page from Yahoo Weather in the preinstalled Weather app. On the bottom left hand side, you can see a small Yahoo logo, “Y!” (get rid of the exclamation point already, no one wants to shout “Yahoo” anymore).

The Vimeo addition just further cements what we already know: Apple wants to get as far away from Google as possible. Vimeo is not the most popular video sharing site, that title obviously belongs to Youtube. But, Youtube is a subsidiary of Google. In iOS 6, Apple got rid of both Google Maps and Youtube as stock, preloaded, apps. Google made third-party apps, that instantly skyrocketed to the top of the App Store. Apple’s inclusion of Vimeo is just another slap in the face of Google. They could have easily added intergration for Youtube, but opted for Youtube/Google’s closest competitor in the video-streaming industry, Vimeo. Will Apple’s bet that people will start using Flickr and Vimeo if Apple supported them work? Only time can tell.

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