iOS 7 Beta 3 Set For July 8?

According to sources who spoke to BGR, Apple will be releasing iOS 7 Beta 3 on Monday, July 8th.

It seems like Apple is still sticking to a two week update schedule as developers at Apple and third-party developers are gearing up for the public release of iOS 7. Information is sparse, there’s already an iOS 7 Beta 3 release date rumor: that the OS update will come on Monday, July 8th.

According to BGR, their source foretold the release of iOS 7 Beta 2, which came out last Monday. It makes sense that Apple will be releasing updates on a timely schedule, especially to assuage concerns over potential delays in iOS 7.

iOS 7 home screen

Earlier, rumors surfaced that Jony Ive, Senior VP of Design at Apple, pulled some developers off of OS X Mavericks and moved them to iOS 7 to get the mobile software ready in time. At the time, pundits and critics were worried about the development of iOS 7; there were already startling images and rumors that indicated that iOS 7 would be vastly different than iOS 6 and that there would even be a little bit of a learning curve attached. Some hypothesized that the drastic changes could alienate some iOS users since it’s so different, however, iOS 7 was met with rave reviews from the critics.

Also according to BGR, Apple, Ive, and their developers are still hard at work trying to “refine” iOS 7. Just between Beta 1 and Beta 2, we’ve noticed a ton of differences. Here are a few we wrote about earlier:

The Welcome Screen for iOS 7 has been revamped (again) and is different from the one we saw in iOS 7 Beta 1. It now sets up iMessage, iCloud, emails, and a password. While not a big change, its a lot cleaner and better-looking, and will give first time iOS 7 users a welcome splash screen that won’t scare them off (probably).
Find My iPhone is new too, and now features new languages and the app will now “remotely locate, lock, erase, and prevent re-activation” with lost iPhones.

Siri’s faster now and now offers both male and female voices as well. To change Siri’s gender, go to Settings, General, Siri, then tap Voice Gender. You’ll be able to switch it there.

What new in iOS 7 Beta 3? It’s hard to say, we’ll find out on Monday, June 8th (maybe).

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